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    Stronger and secured homes are past. Now people want make shift houses.

    It is basically understood that a home is constructed with lots of facilities and main thrust is given for the longevity and secured living. In that melee many are spending their hard earned money and even borrowing from the banks for their secured dream house. But for those who cannot afford the costly homes and the real estate rates being sky-roceketing, the best way to house themselves is the make shift homes made of hard plastic or wooden panels that are detachable and can be moved for other locations. In foreign countries there is no liking for cemented homes but something which is fashionable and ease to live.
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    But the problem will come with respect to the security of the people and material in such houses. If we go out for a day we are worried about the safety of our house. An independent house can't be left locked even for one night. Some will steal the articles from the house. That is why in many houses these days we see CC cameras and getting linked them to their mobiles. In such a situation of houses made with plastics and wooden panels.
    I have seen 2 or 3 such construction in our native place where those constructions are used as workshops which will be working 24 X 7. There will be a security guard 24 X 7 near those buildings. There are very much vulnerable to rain and wind. But going for small apartments which may cost less may be a more suitable option than going for such houses.

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    I recently came across an article in which in African country people were using waste plastic bottles to make walls of a building which in a way serve two purposes one is to use the waste plastic which is not going to degrade for decades and provide affordable housing for poor people. But have not heard any such thing when it comes to India.
    But I found it a very good idea to make use of already used plastic which is not going anywhere so can be used for this purpose, at least for temporary housing arrangements for many people living in the slums and in very unhygienic condition. Government can do such a thing for these people and can provide such settlements for free or at very lower prices which will solve the problem of waste plastic management as well as housing.

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