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    I have not received any revenue from ISC even though I have posted some resources.

    After I got back to ISC on the 10th of October, I got some details of my earnings. However, the details stopped abruptly from 10 the even though I had posted some resources. Could the authorities concerned look into the issue and revive my account?
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    At the outset please revisit your resources which were submitted for approval as I could see some rejections for the poor quality and violation of content policies. Your article on Virtual celebration of millennials of the digital era has been rejected. Like wise visit all your articles uploaded for approval. Sometimes the articles are put on hold for some corrections and further submissions of asked details. When we create an article, that must be approved and then only we get the full benefit of hard work and spending huge time on writing the articles.
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    Yes. It was a shocker for me because unknowingly,I pressed some offensive button and got punished. ISC was kind enough to pardon my goof up. Still I am confused. I am planning to engage a software person to clear my doubts about ISC so that I can become more efficient.

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    You don't really need an expert in software to know about earnings. Please clarify what you mean by earnings "stopped". In most sections, anything you contribute that is approved would get some cash credits and would be added automatically to your profile account. When you use the recalculate feature on your dashboard on knowing something has been approved, you will see the update in your earnings.

    The main thing is that members who have not logged in for a year will have their balance cash credits cancelled and have to start over. We once again request you to spend some time going through all the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum. Don't skim the contents therein, but read them thoroughly.

    I have also not understood what you mean by 'offensive button' as there is no such thing at ISC! What is this punishment you are constantly referring too as well is puzzling.

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    If you go to the dashboard in ISC portal then on the beginning of the writing material there you will find the following message -
    'If you do not login to your account for a period of 1 year or more, your profile will be made inactive and your earned credits will be permanently cancelled. You will not be able to claim those credits any more.'

    Whatever earnings now you are making will be accumulated in your account and once they reach a threshold (you can fix that threshold in the payment settings), your name will come in the list of members eligible for payment in that month. For payment purposes you are now as good as a new member and it generally takes 3-4 months time for the first payment. If your contributions are significant you might get payment every month otherwise every time it would be after a gap of few months.

    I would suggest you to concentrate and focus for increasing your contributions and payments will follow accordingly.

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    Thanks to all of you for your response. Vandana I meant offensive button which was a blunder on my part . By mistake I would have pressed on some copied source. I know it is my foolish act and not blaming ISC for that. I will continue to post on ISC as I usually do

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    Radha, plagiarism is everywhere banned. And most of the sites take strict actions who copy the contents from other sites and paste it on their site so you should not do it.

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    Madam Radha,
    Since you had a long break from ISC, you are now considered as a newbie to ISC as far as earning is concerned, and you have just started earning. Your article posted on 14 Oct has been rejected, and I don't see anything that you earned after your rejoining. Have patience and contribute without worrying about your earning.

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