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    Do you ever think about such simple inventions and innovations?

    The pace at which the world is changing with invention and innovation which are making simple as well as complicated is tremendous but we see this invention as marvellous engineering and scientific marvels. But then there are a few very simple and basic innovations which play a very significant role in people's lives. Be it a safety pin, stapler, spectacles, today while making my notes I was using sticky notes and had a notion about these simple things and needs which are often fulfilled by a few small innovations and inventions. In such simple innovations, I like objects of stationary very much be it sticky notes, bookmarks or beautiful diaries. Do you also have any such innovative simple items in your life which you really like to have and see its new variations and innovations?
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    After reading this post, my thoughts went to a video I received on social media as to how some fruits pulp can be designed with new way of presentation as the bread spread instead of usual jam or anything else. The video goes into details with what kind of instruments should be used and how the fruit pulp is taken out without using of the hands and how the decoration on the slice was made. The presentation was so colorful and tempting, that everyone would want to eat the slice without saying no. So there are different way to bring in creativity with our simple inventions and innovations to which there would be huge support. Having bored from the routine way of doing things, let there be some new inventions and innovations and that would be not only time saving but also gets huge support from others for sure.
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    There are many things that we use which are making our lives easier and comfortable and the credit goes to these small small innovations done by the people as well as technical people in the past time to time.
    I remember my father had a flat circular wood piece of 5-6 inches and on the centre of it a thin long stiff metal wire was fixed going up to about a feet and the whole thing looked like an inverted T. He used to keep all the receipts, small chits, bills etc just pierced on that wire and once a month sorted them out. That was a great way to keep the scattered papers so that they do not miss here and there. That was a simple innovative device used in those times. Nowadays, I am not seeing people using that anywhere as other better options are available.
    I have also seen and even used one small thin flexible wire loop device which is used to thread a needle. It is really a great innovation.

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    Small inventions will come in handy sometime in our lives. A page marker in a book appears to be a very simple invention. But for a regular reader, it is very useful. Otherwise every time he has to search for something and keep on the page where he is stopping. Many such things we will be using on our daily works many times.
    As matter of fact, all big changes will start with a small innovation only. We all hear that Einstien started thinking about gravitational force when he saw an apple falling on the ground from the tree.
    In the banks, we will see ballpoint pens are tied to a table so that the visitors can use them but nobody can misplace them. Many such things we will see in many places which are very minute things but are very important.

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