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    Why Indians are so obsessed with foreigner trying Indian things?

    These days a trend that is very famous on the Internet be it youtube, Instagram reels and Facebook videos where a foreign video content creator tries to eat Indian food (like dal-rice, chicken varieties, chapatis and sabzi) or try making it, dancing on Indian songs wearing Indian dresses. Where all they can come up with is Indian food is so spicy.
    And just that takes their views to millions because Indians saw these videos very fondly.
    Why do Indians have this attitude of seeking approval from foreigners about their food, dress and culture?
    Just imagine an Indian eating a burger or pizza and making such a review video, or Indians trying their dance and dresses will such videos get so much view, No I don't think so but vice versa will get foreign video makers a lot of views Why do we still have such obsession with foreigners? ]
    Are we still having the traces of colonial mindset in our genes and inherited inferiority complex where we want praise from Europeans and Americans or anyone with fair skin colour and blonde hair?
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    Good post from the author. When we have the tendency to ape the western culture and most of our people gone elsewhere and settled and wont even return to motherland, we are really obsessed with foreigners embracing Indian culture and living with Indian thoughts. The other day I had the chance to hear the discourse at ISKCON temple in Hyderabad and the talk was from a American. He wore the traditional saffron Dhoti and had the tilak of ISKCON fame. And the way he taken us through the life and happenings of Lord Krishna with just few versus from the Bhagawat Gita, it was stunning and in fact many would have felt shame as we choose to neglect or explore more about great epics and here is a foreigner who drawn wisdom from deep knowledge of Gita. Surely I was obsessed the way he even handled the question and answer session.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    That is true. When a new person who is from a foreign land admires our culture, food and way of living, really our Indians will feel very happy. When we go to a foreign land if we happened to see an Indian there we feel very happy. Similarly, foreigners also see videos of another country who are admiring their culture, food. clothes etc.
    Now because of the internet, we are able to know the trends in various places all over the world. Earlier days we have no chance to see what a person in a foreign country is doing. But these days we are able to know what is happening in every nook and corner of the world.

    always confident

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