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    Do you tolerate outside interference on our personal life ?

    Our personal life was planned and lived through the efforts made on our own and therefore every details has been scrutinized before hand and we feel elated and happy over the existence and progress. Be it family members, relatives or friends, they try to interfere and give the free advise to change our way of living as per their choice. While we give respect to all irrespective of age and position but asserting their rights to interfere in our affairs is something not sought for. What is your take on the subject ?
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    Whatever we are doing, we are comfortable with such preoccupations and any change as per advice of well wishers would not go well since this will disturb us unnecessarily. Suppose I am in the habit of taking up my breakfast at 10 am sharp but insisting on taking the same at 8 am would need changes in our different activities. Hence we should not be pressurised for taking up a different routine with which we may not be comfortable.
    Even we should not interfere with others for changing their schedules as per our advice making others puzzled and confused of their priorities.

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    Every person has got ones personal life. If someone give the suggestions or advices to make some corrections in one's personal life then no one will like it until unless it was sought from that particular person. People generally do not like unsolicited advices. A person who works late in the night and then gets up late in the morning is having that particular pattern in his life and if someone forces him or pressurrises him to get up early in the morning, he will never accept that.
    Actually some people have a habit of suggesting or giving advices without asking and they must first ponder over the situation of the other person before making any such suggestion especially when the other person has not asked for it. These things are also considered as against etiquette and good manners.

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    It all depends on the situation at that moment and our needs at that moment. Many times we feel that outside help or suggestion is necessary. At such times we may welcome the interference of others. But when all the things are going on as planned and we are sure of our success, we may not be happy with the interference of other people.
    Some people will come to start giving their suggestions. At such times we will get irritated with such people. Some people will have a very casual approach towards and without thinking much about the issue start giving their own opinions. We should not encourage such people and we should tell them their limitations. In certain cases, we may not say anything when somebody is offering suggestions. Even in such incidents also we can hear what they are telling but we need not implement them if we feel that their suggestion is not very useful. Suggestions giving is very easy but if something wrong happens no one come for our rescue.

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    People will interfere in your life as much as you allow them. As far as family members are concerned they have all right to entering our matters as they really care for us and they always give their view in any matter whether you like it or not and even sometimes some youth do not follow the advice of their elders and do not want that any one of their family members interferes in any matter. I think when it comes to outside people that could be anyone from your friend circle or from any acquaintance, you are the one who is responsible to allow them for the same. Until you do not let them cross the boundary they will not do this. So if I answer the author's question about the tolerance of others' inference in my meter, I do not allow many to do so, except my family and some selected friends. Apart from that I also ask for advice for specific matters from specific persons, who actually have knowledge or idea regarding this.

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    I don't like too much interference from anyone in my life. Unless I am willing to tell someone no one should have the right to nag me all the time about the way I want to live and make my decision. And leaving my parents and brother aside any kind of interference often irritates me.
    But I live in a country wherein in accordance with our culture we have to respect our relatives and extended family who often are the most interfering ones in our lives giving unrequited advice and asking questions without any sort of logic and reason.

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