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    Being dependent on someone is normal but only to an extent.

    We are all dependent on one or the other in many ways, sometimes this dependence is in the form of social necessity, sometimes in the form of economic, and sometimes in the form of mental dependency. In some cases, dependency is also good because it also keeps us connected with certain people, but like excess of anything, too much dependence is also bad. When we are dependent on our people in some matters, it also happens, but excessive dependence not only makes you weak but also makes the person in front feel irritable. Irrespective of gender, but after a certain age, we should reduce our dependence on others and keep ourselves ready for every future challenge. Our own people are always with us but we should be less dependent and more responsible for our lives.
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    That is true. We should help others when they are in need and similarly when we need help we can expect the same from others.
    Today morning I went with my family went to a very famous temple near Hyderabad. As today is Saturday the temple was full of people and we are hesitating to go inside. Meanwhile, A known person who is having a lot of influence in that temple appeared. As soon as he saw me, he came to me and enquired about my safety. Then he took all of us for a special darshan. I thanked him for his good gesture. Then he told me that he did it as I help him earlier when I was working in a factory near that place.
    Like this once in a while depending on somebody is ok. But for small things and when we have time to carry out the work on our own we should not depend on others, I feel

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    Yes, I agree with the authors view any form of dependency or favours from one person to the other makes the person doing the favour a dominating person in the relation.
    As we live in a world where everything is a kind of transaction be the relation between persons, governments or nations and if this transaction is going in favour of one side of balance it will surely impact the lives of people involved in the transaction, We should always try to maintain that balance so that our dependency does not make us weak and as the author said irritably about the situations around us. And the more independent and free from any kind of burdens we are more we enjoy our lives.

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    My thoughts goes to those who are much dependent on others even for the small personal moves of them as their health gone deteriorated and thus need to be attended. But here comes the take. They must agree and adjust with the services offered, but the dependents ask for more and that is continued demand. For example if the meal is served, what is prepared for all has been served to the dependent also. But when they ask for preferential dish, that would irritate the person. And if the person is bed ridden the eating habits must be controlled because he or she was much dependent on the attendant for every easing . Therefore good sense must prevail on the dependents that they should not bother those who attend to them and too much expectations also is dangerous and one gets irritated for asking more.
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    Along with the physical and mental dependence, people also have dependence for decision making which can be termed as the variation of mental dependence. There are still people who do all the hard work but back off and depend on someone for making the final decisions. These people not only show their weakness but also demotivate themselves for further decision. Depending for few times is okay, but then one has to take control of situation and take the strong hold himself.

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