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    Boy or girl both should be responsible towards their parents

    Many changes are happening slowly in our society and in the coming time more new and positive aspects will emerge which will become an example for the society and people will happily adopt them. Shouldn't such a change come in the responsibility of children towards their parents?

    When there is a child, whether it is a boy or a girl, parents raise their children with equal responsibility and facilities, give good education and give a good path in career. The hard work of the parents and the dedication of the children both have an effect when a child becomes a part of society as a successful youth.

    It is true that after marriage, girls become a part of another family and take care of it, but it should also not mean that girls no longer have a responsibility towards their parents. It is not appropriate to expect all duties or responsibilities from a son only, when there is no difference in upbringing then why do it in responsibilities.

    Fulfilling responsibilities does not mean that you have to stay with them, but even while staying away from them, it is our duty to be responsible towards them, to take care of them, to take care of their every little happiness, whether it is a son or a daughter.
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    Always children should be responsible towards their parents. Especially children should take care of their parents as they need the support. These days there is a general feeling that girls are taking care of their parents more than their sons. In earlier days ladies were restricted to kitchens and they are not able to have any power or decision making authority. But days are changed and now ladies are more active and many of them are managing their husbands and they can take care of their parents. In this process, in-laws are getting neglected and sons are not able to deviate from the orders given by their wives. Of course, it may not be true in all cases. But I have seen some cases like this. This is causing problems to the old parents of the son and they are suffering and they start looking at their daughters.
    Sons should think their inlaws are also equal to their parents and the same way daughters-in-law should think that they are in-laws are also equal to their parents.

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    Gone are the days when people use to think the boys raised will be the only option in their old age to depend on. These days both girls and boys share equal responsibility towards each other's parents, and even parents are smart and did not completely depend on their children for future needs and save for themselves.
    As the girls are expected to be dedicated more towards their in-laws after marriage often people thinks she is neglecting her parents and the whole burden falls on her, but boys are never expected to treat their in-laws with such dedication but only towards their parents.
    But in today's changing society if the whole family is literate everyone understands the norms of togetherness as well as privacy both parents and children are smart enough to not cross those boundaries and live happily together, but there are also cases of people snatching everything from their parents and leave them in the old-age home such children definitely need to face harsh laws and public shaming be it, girl or boy.
    And there are many governments who have made it compulsory for children to take care of their old parents otherwise they will not get government jobs and such measure need to be appreciated.

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    I am fully agreeing that just being done the marriage the girl should not abandon the parents and look after her own family and that side family. In this regard I came across many agreements being made before the marriage is done especially if the parents has only one daughter and no one else. She being the earning member has taken care of the parents all these years, and suddenly after marriage there cannot be getting rid of parents. At least 30 to 40 percent of the daughter earning must be given to her parents so that they can live hassle free. One thing is sure girls do have soft corner for the parents and they are not harsh. Whereas the boys have tendency to shift their preference to girl side and their family and never cared to uplift the parents. According to me girls are good and doing their best to their parents.
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    Yes, both are responsible and at the same time, we need to change our outlook. Why do we think that a girl becomes a member of another family after marriage? We have created so many rules for our convenience and many such things have no logic. Many people will say since this is the custom we are following for years together it has to be followed. Think of a situation where the girl and the guy stay away from their parents at a different place after marriage. In that case, who is the part of which family? No one is a part of a particular family and this has to be the logic. The main problem is our thought processes and activities do not match.

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