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    When should a professional artiste retire?

    Recently, I came across the news that Salim Khan, the father of Salman Khan, has opined that Mr Amitabh Bachchan should retire now. I disapprove of the suggestion. A creative person's life revolves around their creation. The artiste can easily understand that one can perform or not. When a creative person lacks creativity is always judged better by the person himself. If doing any work does not give creative satisfaction, then the person would opt-out from any performance. A writer keeps on writing till one loves to write or when the book gets a good review. Similar is the case of a performer. Love for the performance and the assessment from the critics and audience matter the most.

    Thus, I feel no one should direct any creative person about when to retire. It's no one's business. Everyone should mind their own business. What do you say?
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    A professional actor need not retire if he is having the required strength to act and deliver the goods. But he should accept the roles that are suitable for his age.
    Some actors acted till their 80s also. In Tollywood, ANR is an artist like Amitabh in Bollywood. He acted through his life but he acted in portions that are suitable to his age. That should be the way. Some people who are above 65 years also acted like college students and danced with girls of 18 years age. A player can play as long as he will have the stamina and once he is not doing well he should announce his retirement.
    But a writer can write as long as he will have the creative ability. My father is 88 years old and even today he writes Telugu poems and reads many books. It all depends on the mental will of the individual. If the individual thinks that he can do it, he should try doing it.

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    A person retires from his job only when either his employer gives him retirement or the person himself takes it voluntarily. In no other case a person can get retired from his profession.
    A creative person or a professional artist will never like to retire from his engagements until there are some concrete reasons to do that like bad health or decreasing mental capabilities. Actually the creativity of a person is the thing that keeps him active and alive and without that he is a dead log.

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    No professionals should retire as long as their physical and mental health is intact. Age is not a bar at all. An old artiste can play the old roles. An old doctor can still treat his patients. An engineer can still guide his subbordinate engineers. A lawyer can still argue in the court if capable. There is no specified retirement age for the actors and active politicians and people who are active in their profession.
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    I completely agree with the author and believe no one else has the right to decide when the other person should retire if he himself/herself is willing to work and enjoy the work. Especially a field like a movie industry and a career like acting where one always has a chance to grow and be better from what he/she was before.
    And calling out someone in this manner is definitely a form of trying to shame a person for something he/she should be appreciated. In fact, great men like Amitab Bacchan should be ideal for people to keep working.

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    The author is right, when a person has a quality of art and the same thing has become the medium of his/her earning its really appreciating and no one has the right to decide whether the artiste should stop doing his/her work or not. In fact, when it comes to art people got more efficient in their work with the experience, and the person about whom this thread is raised is a great actor in or Indian film industry, Mr. Amitabh Bacchhan, who still have a huge fan following because of his acting. Even viewers also do not accept this kind of retirement from his side then why would others give their opinion on this matter.

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