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    Social well-being before our well-being

    Those who have drawn wisdom from their continued higher education has always become pious in thinking and their actions are above the personal preference and dedicated to the social well- being. Be it good physical health, they would suggest ways and means to keep fit for others, be it positive thinking that emanates daily in their mind are passed on to others as tips and they always concentrate on meaningful social relationships and connections that would prove their inclusive attention on matters. Our personal well- being always be good if we think of society well- being. Any comment ?
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    People who move towards social welfare are really high in their thinking. It is the duty of all of us that we think about the interest of the society, we ourselves are also a part of this society and its welfare is indirectly the welfare of every human being. When we help others or stand with them when they are in a difficult time, after doing so we also feel satisfaction in ourselves. In today's life, a person may have all facilities but inner happiness and satisfaction are missing in most people's lives, and in this situation when we work for social well-being before our well being we actually get the same happiness that we missed many times.

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    This is a great thought shared by the author. An individual has no value in this world if the society where he is living or the society to which he is a part is not progressing or is not in a healthy state. That is why in many discussions, speeches, and talks we hear that country is first and rest is all unimportant.
    It is imperative that every person should contribute to the society and for the well-being of the people around him and then only he will be happy and contended.
    Why the people of India followed Mahatma Gandhi for ousting the Britishers from India? Because after that they were going to get a place to live independently, in their own ways, in their own societies, and in a free atmosphere.
    What is the use of individual growth if the society is not growing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    While living in a society, we must take care of well being of the society on the topmost priorities. Well being of ourselves, though important, but while maintaining same, we should not forget our responsibilities towards the social welfare system. Whenever someone close to us is hospitalised, it should be our for most duty to take care of thr diseased persons offering our level best to ensure that the affected man recovers speedily. In that way, we can mitigate his sufferings to some extent. Taking care of such children having deficient in their studies will be the boon for them and at the same time, we have nothing to loose in such situations. If we are flourishing but the society is in the peril condition, even we would have the security problems due to active involvement of the unsocial elements.

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    We will progress well when society will progress. It is not possible for an individual to progress if there is no progress in society. If you want to keep yourself healthy, not only your house but also the neighbouring places should also be clean. If you clean your house and pour that dirt on the road, you can't say that you are living in a clean environment. It is your responsibility to see that the surroundings are also clean.
    As an individual, we will have our responsibilities towards the society where we live in. We should always contribute our might for the betterment of society. Many great personalities lived for society and contributed much for the same even ignoring their own comforts and family. Such leaders should be the role models of all the people and follow them. Then only society will progress. But these days we see selfish leaders who wanted their personal growth more than the growth of society.

    always confident

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