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    Your thoughts are limitless, take advantage of them.

    The power of thinking and understanding which God has given to humans is much greater than other living beings. It does not mean that other living beings live their life without thinking, they also think and try at their level, but then it is believed that man can think whatever he wants and can make that idea a reality.

    When we have this limitless ability to think, which no one can stop except our own self, we must definitely take advantage of it. Most of our thinking starts limiting where our information ends because maybe we only think about what we know but we should expand this scope.

    Be sure to spend time yourself, when there is no one other than you and your thinking, you will find yourself developing from within, and then the same development will be visible in the external form as well.
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    There is no limit for our thoughts. We will be thinking many things and where it will start and where it will end we don't know. We will be thinking about many issues at the same time. Whatever activity we are doing, our minds will never stop thinking. When a problem comes we start thinking about that problem. But we will keep some boundaries we keep for our thought process. That is why sometimes we may not be able to get many good ideas. Only when we think out of the box, we may get the best possible solution to the problem. But we keep some limitations while thinking and that will become a big hindrance. While we think we should without any bias. That will be the best way to think. But not at all thinking about any issue and leaving the problem to get solved in its own way is a method that is being adopted by some people. That may also work out the best way in some cases.
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    The author has penned down a good thought provoking thread and that needs to be responded. Rightly said that we have limitless thoughts that keep hovering in our mind and that should be noted down immediately as we can also forget the good thoughts emanated and cannot recall again. I am a keen observer, I keep watching the back side of Autos in Hyderabad which carries wonderful poetic expressions and immediately my thoughts goes to share the same. Sometimes good ads on television with a great message would also trigger new thoughts in us. The children are the great source of emanating new thoughts within us. So there are many chances of getting new feeds, information and creating a formidable library of thoughts of our own and not borrowed. This way we can source the thoughts and put it on paper for others to know.
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