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    What is a response - just a few points, being active, or really a response?

    We find different threads on the forum every day with different topics. We ourselves also post threads on various topics. It is self-evident that we give more thought to the thread that we post ourselves and present it because of interest. But when it comes to the response of other writers, we may not necessarily find every other thread interesting, which is mostly based on our likes and dislikes, there is no purpose to judge the writing skills of another author.

    When we look at a thread, first of all, the topic itself gives an idea of ????what the topic of the thread can be, but in many cases, the content is different from the topic, so after reading the whole thread, we respond to it. Some threads are on such topics, which if we do not have any idea in any way, then many times we do not respond to it. The main goal is always to get your message across to other writers and readers through responses, but staying active in sections and points and can also be a factor at times. What do you think about this matter?
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    In fact, Forum section is meant for discussion. But we members don't get into discussion. We read only the summary of the thread and post our responses. We ignore other's responses. For that it needs time and patience. A good member would read all the responses to that thread and then post their own responses. Generally it is not happening at ISC. Even there are members who don't even read the contest guidelines, but they participate. What is important is to learn from others responses.
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    Actually, we should read the content of the forum, understand what is the message from the author through that thread and a reply can be posted based on the views of the member. Many members will follow the same procedure. If there are some responses already posted we should read them and then only we have to add some new points to the discussion. It takes a lot of time for us to do that. That is why many members will be spending 2 to 3 hours on this section daily. Simply responding without reading the content is of no use.
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    Before we post our responses of any thread, it is always desirable to go through the entire post and should examine the relevant details asked by the author. Then at the same we need to see the responses of other members posted therein in their responses. Any portion left over to be answered is to be taken up for the further explanation. Such a process would take its own timing where the members have to go through the different responses posted by other members and then accordingly the member would post responses which will fit appropriate in that sequence.

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    How to respond to a thread in this site is the great thought process to many members who have articulated themselves and found to be fit enough to respond aptly to further the essence of post already made. If the response was aimed at few points, then it may not to the hilt or the satisfaction of author who has realised the thread. If the response was for the purpose of being active to the thread, then it may be half cooked information addition input given by other members. If a response means reality . then it would be with examples shared by the members as response ably connecting to the thread. One thing is sure if the response is wrong and not likable or not connected to the thread, then are every chance of it got deleted and rejected by the editor. Only the great experience of the members speak when they respond to each threads
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