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    Everyone wants other people to be honest

    We all know that there is good amount of corruption in our country and due to that many schemes, projects, and developmental aspects are suffering and country is not able to progress in the way it is envisaged by some of the honest leaders or bureaucrats.
    Whenever we talk about this issue then most of the people would say that country is going through a bad phase because there is a lot of corruption in public works and that is impeding all progress and until the corruption is removed from the system nothing is going to work effectively. Everyone is talking as if he is the honest one and all others are corrupt. The irony is that many corrupt people are also talking in the same language. So the result is that no one is trying to make oneself honest but expecting that all others should be honest in their working. Isn't it a contradictory situation?
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    Finding faults with others is always an easy issue. But not doing mistakes is very difficult. Many people say they are honest. But the honesty of a person will be proved only once he gets a chance and rejects it. How many people does it? As mentioned by the author, telling is very easy but doing is very difficult. Everybody will talk about corrupt practices. But they will not keep themselves away from corrupt practices and they will see that nobody else will know about his corrupt practices.
    I have seen many employees who work in private organisations say and criticise the government employees who may take some bribes. But the same employees will not hesitate to take gifts from their vendors and vendees.
    I read a story in which a lady was caught doing something wrong. Many people started criticising her. Then a gentleman came and told everybody to stop criticising her. Then he told he deserves punishment but that should be given by a person who never did any mistake and asked somebody who never committed any mistake to come out and start punishing that lady. Nobody from the group comes out. That is the situation in our society.

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    There is no iota of doubt many wants to lead the honest life away from corrupt practices but they could not sustain that good thought, thanks to the filthy minds of politicians who change the very mind set of good persons and thus there is dearth for good heart and soul around us. When I had the chance to meet a big person in Hyderabad who wants to sell of his posh hotel he made the interesting revelation that his only son is living abroad and wont come back and what is the use of manning such big hotel with running into profit but missing the family bond and hence selling. He told me that he is looking for sincere and honest person to take over the hotel and run on his behalf so that he can join his son. But that is not happening because the search for such person does not bring any results so far and hence selling.
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    As the famous adage in Hindi goes "bura jo dekhan me chala bura na milya koi, jo man jakhya aapna mujse bura na koi" fits so well here which means I went to find the bad in other people I found no one but when I saw myself nobody was worse than me, similarly we tend to try to see bad and corruption in others only without trying to see that we can also be involved in few corrupt things which we never try to change. As another adage goes "be the change you want to see in the world" so we should try to not do any bad and corrupt things in our lives so that we can be assured of fair play on our part if not from anyone else.
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    We all love to say but are unable to act. It is true in every sphere and not limited to corruption only. Individually, we behave in one way but collectively our behaviour becomes different in many cases. Let me give you an example that many of you might have observed or faced. You are visiting a new place and determined not to litter in that place in any situation. You went inside a shop to have tea or something and after finishing the tea you asked the shopkeeper where the waste bin is to throw away the cup. The shopkeeper reluctantly said there is no such thing with them as people throw it here and there, after having tea. Now you have two options with you, either you carry the paper/earthen cup with you to throw it in the next available waste bin or to follow others to throw it somewhere near the shop. Many people choose to throw the cups away near the shop as they find others are also throwing the cups like this. If you are very much determined you will surely carry the cup with you, otherwise if you feel that you can also litter as others are littering then things will never change. If everyone is determined then only there will be a change, a lip service won't change anything.

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    If we want honest people around us we have to also be like them which means "Honest". Most people want that others be honest with them but when it's their own tern they do not want to follow the same policy that is: honesty is the best policy", being honest is not so simple but actually when you be honest your life actually becomes simple. As there are no false or lies in your life, you feel more confident and relaxed, because no burden of thousands of lies bothers an honest person. I also know some people who never be honest with anyone but their expectations from their own are that they always say the truth and be honest about every little thing.
    When we start to be honest in our every little activity it's a reflection that automatically creates an atmosphere that we will soon be surrounded by honest people at least with us, because sometimes people also want to be honest with us but one should have the courage to accept their honesty.

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    You are corrupt, so why shouldn't I be honest?
    With this one line in mind, I think we can get rid of its ill effects. Where is no corruption? In every country, abroad, in the minds of millions of people, there is a certain moral decay.
    Sometimes it seems that there is a lot of research going on about corruption, how new strategies are constantly being developed and expanded. But we don't think it's the opposite effect on our society. One class of people is dying without food and the other class is becoming stronger by eating them. Many people are not able to go astray for the three words "shame", "hate" and "fear".
    I don't think the administration can do anything because they need a change of mind. Those involved in corruption are mentally ill and need proper mental treatment.

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