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    No one can deceive me - faith or stupidity.

    We often hear that someone has cheated another person in business or many times in the name of friendship, he fulfills his selfishness by fooling a person. We have also found many such stories in relationships where loved ones have cheated their loved ones. In some cases, we see in TV serials or movies but some newspapers or other mediums also come to know which can confuse us for some time but then maybe due to our confidence or trust in others, we know about ourselves and never think that someone will ever cheat on us.

    Trust in loved ones is the foundation of every relationship, but it is also true that trust is broken only where there is trust. After all, what should a person do in such a situation of confusion, life is not complete without relationships and relationships are incomplete without trust. In this battle of trust and deceit, we should live life keeping ourselves safe but how?
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    That is true. No one can deceive us if we really apply our minds and think about the whole issue in a correct manner without having any prejudice towards any issue. Generally, we will get deceived only when we have some other interest. We will sometimes think about the higher income and invest our money in some unreliable investments. We know they are not reliable. But thinking that we will get higher returns we will invest in such instruments. The greedy nature only here will make us get deceived.
    Many business people show small benefits and make the customers run behind their products. But only after using the products for some time, only people will understand the drawbacks of the products. These weaknesses only will make us get deceived.

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    For that matter no one wants to get cheated or fooled but the circumstances make us to get fooled for more reasons as we believe some one not met earlier and come into their groove immediately out of trust developed so soon. The tricksters are on the prowl to make us believe that they are more concerned about us, but in the reverse they made lots of sketch before hand as to how to fool taking our innocence in every matter and make fool. Especially the women get fooled if they are shown the greediness of gold or cash multiply without really realizing that opposite person is playing trick to fool. Many house holds who are staying alone after everyone leaves for the work or other duties, the tricksters would plan stories and how to cheat the women. Therefore no one can deceive me cannot be assured as it all depends on how you faith or have trust on others.
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    Once deceived by loved ones and most trusted people we tend to develop trust issues and self-doubts but then we also meet people who make us believe again in the goodness of humans and human relationships and the concept of love and trust. In such an environment of trustlessness and doubts, we should follow our heart and intuition it does not lie but in the process, we shouldn't ignore red flags and warnings of our brain be it business partners, friendships and relationships. let your heart guide you but not do not subside your brain in that process.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Many people have faith on others and there is nothing wrong in having a faith on other people. Only problem comes when someone deceives us and shatters our faith. Generally that situation is a painful situation if such a thing happens in our lives.
    It is said that we should not believe or have faith in anyone whether he is a friend or relative or even a closest person. The reason is very simple that we cannot foresee about a person doing wrong to us from the apparent or fake behaviour that he is having with us. Judging a person and judging his creditibility is a difficult thing.

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