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    When will Social Village become a truly active website?

    Some time ago, as the threads were shared by ISC regarding the social village, there was talk about the demand of editors, after that some writers, including me who were active on the social village for some time but do not get a proper response or less involvement of editors. Due to this, the contribution has also started decreasing. I want to know that should we members wait for longer and keep ourselves busy with ISC only for the time being? Or should we take forward our contribution to the social village?
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    That depends on the availability of the time and interest of the individual members. It is not possible to take a collective decision in this regard. As far as I am concerned I am not finding some time to go there. I have other commitments also. I don't want to decrease my time on ISC and go there. If I find some free time definitely I will try to contribute on other sites also. As of now, I am not finding the time.
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    Social village was created by ISC to bring more about issues other than discussed in this site. Unfortunately there is no moderator or editor to govern the site and therefore I was also who made a attempt to be active there, withdrew from the action and rather keeping date with this site only, Even at ISC there are only handful of members who are visiting again and again and that proves that out of more than many lakh members registered here, there needs to more pep out activity to make this site more vibrant and sought after and also the other sister sites. The webmaster and editors and also the administration must ponder over and devise the way out to invite the dormant members of this site to be active and also request for more activities by offering some cash credits. That way the lost glory can be regained by this site about the sister sites.
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    If some of the members decide to contribute in Social Village site regularly maybe once a week or something like that then there will be a good flow of contributions in that site and we can hope that slowly the site will be populated with new contributions.
    Other thing which is of prime importance is the traffic to the site and by doing this if the traffic increases from the present base level then definitely the site will come up in the competitive arena of internet world.
    Once some volunteering editors are posted and new contributions pour in then only we can hope some progress in the matter.

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    The involvement of editors is essential for members' consistency or regularity.

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