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    Why UP state is not divided into smaller states while smaller states than UP were divided?

    UP is one of the highly populated states of India with a huge population of 120 millions. Political parties know if they win UP parliament elections, they are the rulers of the country. Political parties mostly concentrate on this state for getting political milage. But because of higher population, this state has not much developed and all the time it has so many problems associated with it. In the 1950's itself Ambedkar opined that the state has to be divided into smaller states for convenience of ruling. But Political parties ignored this fact for their political gains. One of the basic principle of BJP party is in favor of smaller states i.e. smaller the states, the more effective is the governance. On this basis it helped in dividing smaller and well developed states like A.P. But BJP is not venturing to divide UP despite its large population and many difficulties in governing big state. Is it because they loose their political milage in getting bulk parliamentary seats from UP? Why they are showing different strategies for different states? Members, do you think it is very much necessary that the big UP state should be divided into smaller states for efficient governance?
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    Already the State of Uttar Pradesh was divided into two states in the year 2000 itself. Uttarakhand was formed in that year only. Uttarakhand is originally a part of UP only.
    Recently there were many rumours on social media saying that Uttar Pradesh will be divided into 3 States. The same was denied by the State official saying that there was no such proposal.
    As mentioned by the author, small states are much better to have better governance but administrative expenses will go up. Andhra Pradesh was divided into AP and Telangana. But after division, we are not able to see any progress in both the states. AP is the worst hit after division. No progress and the state are even not in a position to pay salaries to the staff itself. There is no clue how the state will manage the financial crisis. Irrespective of the size of a state, good governance will depend more on the efficiency and the ability of the party that is in power as on date.

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    Who said Uttar Pradesh was not divided so far. In fact in the year 2004 Uttara Khand was created and formed as the new state. Yet UP has the lions share of giving 80 strong MP's to the country and therefore many national and regional parties vie for each other to capture the mood of the voters in this state. But further creation of smaller state can be made and there would be disintegrate thought process among the voters and they feel being left out from the United UP. Moreover unlike Telangana there was no popular demand for smaller states carved out of present UP , may be in future it can be further made into three parts for the better governance and inclusive adminsitration. One thing is sure, smaller the state, the deveopment would be big and vast given the reach of benefit to the people as we are experiencing in Telangana.
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    We know that Bihar is divided into two states. But UP is still a very bigger state where it represents 80 parliamentary seats. The other bigger states of India are holding around or a little over 40 seats. So this bigger state can be further into two more smaller states and that makes it easy for developing.

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    There was once going news about dividing into four parts and four different states during a few of the previous governments especially when the ruling party was BSP (Bahujan Samajwadi party) in UP for better administration by the name Purvanchal, Bundelkhand, Awadh Pradesh and Paschim Pradesh but this was criticised by many factions and opposition parties as well calling it a political gimmick of Mayawati so never came to the light.
    Later nobody ever tried to put this proposal at the forefront and implement it at the ground level. Secondly, such a big state is a big vote bank for caste-based and religion-based politics for many parts and such division will cause such vote banks to be divided as these four divisions will then think about regional development rather than other petty issues.

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    There are some factors on which the division of state is decided. The first factor is that when the state is too big geographically then it is bifurcated into two or three parts. This is done by the government itself without receiving any request for it from any quarter of the state.
    Second factor which is very important and which is generally seen by us is that when there is some personal ambition of a person for becoming the chief minister of a state but cannot become as already better and influential persons are available and sitting in those positions.
    So these people will start an agitation on various issues and grounds asking for the new state and that ambitious person will provoke the local people for that and become their leader and in many cases will become the chief minister of the new state.
    Many states are getting divided in smaller states in this way.

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    Political parties didn't divide any state and neither I am aware of any such principle of BJP where they favour smaller states. States are divided based on the agitation from certain sections of people and politicians carrying forward such agitations. There is no such chorus heard among the people of UP to divide the state and hence no such division. Uttarakhand was created out of UP because of a mass movement and it is not the handiwork of any government. Division of any state is not a Congress-BJP affair though political parties remain involved in the division of states as some of them actively take part in some movements.

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