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    Planning to start good schemes to help poor people


    My parents are from village in Andhra Pradesh at chittoor district, but we moved to bigger cities. Now as part of our family memorial trust we are trying to bring in several schemes at our village that help the poor people like food, education, marriage hall etc.

    I was inspired by lot of responses on below thread for need of marriage hall for the poor people.
    I am unable to post this link, but you get as first link when you search for 'marriage hall' on this forum page.

    Hence any supporters on this marriage hall proposal, please contact me on what are the basic amenities to be supplied and if anyone have got few photos then please share to me to ensure this new construction fit to needs of all the poor people.

    Also, if you think any other presssing needs for the poor people then please highlight here to give more priority to introduce those schemes.
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    I am giving the link to the thread that Sukhevji had put up which you are referring to for quick reference for members- Our cities should have marriage function halls for the poor

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    If you are trying to have a marriage hall in your village, I would say that it is not a must. A village will have sufficient vacant places to conduct functions. Most of the homes will have large space around their houses where temporary make shift arrrangements can be made without spending much money. Attractive colourful Samiyana's /pandals can be erected and dining tables and chairs can be placed.

    If your trust is going to spend many lakhs for construction of a hall, the budget amount can be invested in a bank, and from the interest accrued, the trust can provide Samiyana's and other essential items to the poor family conducting the functions. A common land can be acquired by the trust for this purpose.

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    It is good to note that you are taking up welfare activities in your village and helping the poor to sustain and come up in their lives. Food and education are the basic needs and if you extend help to some people in having these basic needs definitely it is a welcome aspect. These are the need of the hour. During COVID lockdowns in many villages, many people distributed food to the poor and needy and that made many people survive.
    Coming to the question of marriage halls, TTD has constructed many marriage halls in many Mandal headquarters and they are offering marriages at a very low rent. I know some places where TTD is charging just 4000 rupees per day as rent.
    But there are some families who can't meet the expenses of marriage basically as their earnings are very less. I feel helping such people will be more important. The construction of a marriage hall is a very costly affair and how much money one can spend for the same is important. By keeping that money as a fixed deposit in a bank and the interest can be distributed to poor families who are not having funds to perform marriages.

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    By the way my appreciation to the author for giving a thought to reach out poor through food, education and providing other needs like marriage hall. What I know through my personal experience so far that villages have sprawling homes with fore court and hind court and lots of open spaces available. Most of the villagers like to perform the marriage in their own make shift pandal arranged for the purpose and they would not waste money on marriage hall. Moreover now a days the government has community halls in every village for grand meetings and that can be made big to provide for marriage purpose and that would be very suitable destination because the access would be sure, known and safe. However the very thought of helping to have facilities in villages marriage halls are welcome and there would be more seekers..
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    This seems to be a very noble and kind hearted project by the family of the author. Helping the poor in various ways is definitely a good thing and downtrodden and poor people will be benefited by it.
    I have a small suggestion in this matter which will have far reaching consequences and it will give a good name to the family and that is basically to create some facility or business which gives jobs to the poor. So, by giving a job to them they wil be earning on a regular basis which is a big help to these poor people. In my opinion creating and giving a job to a person is the biggest help that we can give at the present juncture. However giving all other types of help and support is always welcome.

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