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    Singing, dance or sports- which can be best apart from good education?

    We know that every child gets inspired by singing, dance, and sports activities as they get connected to the leading icons of the same field and wants to display the same talent hidden in them. Unfortunately some parents wants their child to give more concentrate on studies first and then other activities. But when anything learned from the childhood cannot be wiped out from the mind and improvisation is for sure. What is your view about this matter ? Should the child be deviated from hectic studies to other activities ?
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    In addition to circular activities, having some extracurricular activities is also very important. A student will get exhausted if all the time he is spending his time in his education. So a little break is always important. That will give the student a better chance to perform well both in studies as well as the activity he has chosen. The activity the kid chooses should be of his interest. Parents should not force any activity on the kid. They should tell the kid about the activity and then leave the final decision to the kid. That will help the individual to excel more,
    Games are good for physical activity and the kid need not go for additional exercise if the kid is participating in a game. Dancing also involves a lot of physical exercises which is good for health. Music is also good. The only point is to be seen is the liking of the individual of that particular activity. Definitely going for some extracurricular activities will help the kid in many ways.

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    For each and everything in life, we need education. Education is not only going to school and learning ABCD. Learning is education. Good education means good learning. To sing well, we need to learn, to dance we need education, to play sports we need to educate. That's the reason we have sessions for music, dance and sports in the schools and colleges.
    It would be nice if one becomes academically qualified from the school with the capability to sing, dance and play. But they are optional in our life. To sing, we need a good voice; to dance, we need interest; to play, we need physical strength; to get educated, we need good mental health.

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    It depends on the liking or disliking of the students, which makes them happier and energized. I have seen a different behavior in boys and girls, where girls like singing or dancing more than sports but when it is concerned about boys they prefer to sports. We can not say the same thing for every girl or boy child but the preference depends on many factors. But this is true that in today's time children need to be busy with more activities apart from educational activities.

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    Anything beyond the interest of the child would not help him. We need to examine the attitudes of the child and then we should finally decide whether the child should opt for his particular passion. However there are branded schools taking care of the overhaul developments of the pupils and they conduct sessions in the sphere of sports, music, dance, teaching of foreign languages etc. The administration may ask to their pupils regarding their preferences for some particular hobbies and they are trained accordingly for their passions.
    In addition to the hobbies as indicated above, they have a lot of things to be done during their teaching sessions such as homework assignments, noting down important points connected with the chapters, getting the lessons by heart etc and each part takes its own time. Stretching time for their hobbies could affect their studies.

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    It all depends on the choice of the individual. Parents and teachers have to find out the interest of the kids and guide them accordingly. Singing, dancing and sports are an integral part of education as there are many courses offered in these domains. Many parents force their children to concentrate only on studies as they think by scoring marks and securing admission to good colleges will increase the prospect of a good job. They tend to think that money can be earned only through doing some official work and not from other activities. Those who think in the other way do not restrict their children from pursuing other activities like singing, painting, dancing, sports, etc and encourage their children in such activities. Parents forcing kids only to concentrate on studies wish to make a career plan for them and kids who are encouraged to take up various other activities are given a free hand to choose their career according to their preferences.

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    All studies and no other extra curricular activity will definitely hamper the overall personality development of the child. These extra curricular activities not only give proper exercises to the physique and mind of the child, they also help the child in socialising and dealing with the practical aspects of life.
    But at the same time, the child should decide the activity tht he should opt for. Of course, the oarents can guide the child and provide the faclities that can help him decide like introducing to as many activities as possible at an early age so that the child can experiment properly raking ample time and decide what he shpuld opt for.

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