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    India did well in administering vaccines for controlling Corona.

    Now the pandemic situation in the country is well in control. The number of cases is decreasing day by day and the recovery rate is well above 98%.

    The vaccination drive is going on very smoothly and 101 crore doses were already administered in the country. About 30 crore people are fully vaccinated. around 41 crore people were given one dose of vaccine. Around 22% of the population got vaccinated as of now. This is a commendable job. The whole world is appreciating the efforts of the Indian government in vaccine supply not only to India but also to some other countries. It is true that India did very well in controlling the pandemic and it deserves all appreciation for its efforts.
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    Seeing the internal position in our country especially the attitude of the opposition parties and the rival groups and activities of many underground mafias and criminal groups, it is very clear that even if someone wants to do some good thing for the country, there will be a lot of resistance and opposition.
    In spite of all that our government has done exceedingly well on the front of vaccination and the momentum has picked up very nicely. Various advanced countries have taken a note of this phenomenal success of India in the field of quick vaccination which is being provided to such a large population.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Indian vaccination project was the challenge and the whole world was watching our progress with great interest because, during the pandemic the death toll was very less and every big country expected that India was heading for doom as regards to wholesome death toll in every state, but the alert people, cooperation from the doctors and health workers has made the situation under control and when the vaccination drive was taken up, second wave set in and that proved major setback to our country and we did overcome even that problem. The biggest advantage and reach out of Covishield vaccine free for all was the hit and today we proudly stand as the trendsetter for the total vaccination to be completed shortly and we are now bracing up to vaccinate the other parts of the world. Truly commendable job.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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