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    Facebook helped me to connect with my colleague after a hiatus of 36 years.

    The mordern world , with the help of high end technology has been showering plenty of benefits
    People who had lost contacts with close friends and colleagues are happily reconnecting after a long hibernation.

    I am one of the fortunate person who accidentally came across my dear colleague with whom I had worked together before thirty six years on Facebook. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have brought so many people closer and helped to reconnect

    I used to work for a reputed organization in Kolkata for 5 years. After I got married,I have settled down in Bangalore 36 years back . There was neither mobile phones nor the internet. How thrilled we were when we could hear each others voices. We spoke non-stop for a long time and promise to post ipdates on WhatsApp every day.

    Today ,I am so happy that I have been thanking Facebook in my heart a zillion times.
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    My mother started using smartphones 2 years ago and she keeps learning new things every day and it has been a few months since she made id on Facebook and asked me to search for her friends. I could never understand how excited and happy she feels every time we found someone from her school. Although it was difficult to find her friends just by name because there are thousands of people with the same name and I got irritated initially but seeing her excitement and happiness on finding someone made me happy as well. So I guess I have seen the level of happiness and enthusiasm you might be feeling on finding someone after so long, and really happy for you.
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    Thank you for the reply. True, the social media indeed has helped people to reconnect with friends who were being missed for interaction.
    I consider myself as one of the fortunate members of such a group. Knowledge is power. There is no end to learn new skills on the internet which gives us great opportunities to learn and experience

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    Very good happening and the feel good factor can be understood to find a lost friend after nearly four decades and that is formidable connect because both have remembered each other and that made the reunion possible. Facebook has been making such connect since it came into existence and having vast data as records as everyone has the accounts in the social media, we have the source now to find out lost contacts. One thing is sure, the persons should post their original name and not the fictitious name and in that case we cannot make a genuine find. Nevertheless we get immensely transported to those years when the friendship was at the peak and suddenly we have to part ways for personal reasons. One thing is sure we always feel comfort with old friends because they know our behavior from the childhood.
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    Facebook is one of the leading online social media place where people upload their personal details, photographs, biodata, and many other things and whenever someone wants one can check about that person and it is immensely helps in knowing and finding that he is the person whom you were searching because he was your classmate in the school time or something like that.
    There is no doubt that Facebook is a great place for contacting and communicating with friends.
    At the same time there are some instances where hackers and some evil people would misuse the data in Facebook and create problems for some gullible people. Though Facebook claims security and safety of the personal data but still the expert hackers can always misuse the data in one way or another. Considering from this angle one should be particularly careful about the data uploaded in the Facebook and should also keep the settings there in such a way that the data is not publicly available and chances of its misuse will be decreased.

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    You are right. Facebook has fraudsters too cheating people. My daughter's friend was tricked to Shell out a huge amount to the imposter who posted as a closed friend and borrowed from him and later on was exposed. But the money was lost

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    The positive side of Facebook is that it connects to people instantly providing us all the details about the person whom we want to contact.

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    I have no account on Facebook so I do not have such experiences but this is true as the author also mentioned many people find their old friends and people on Facebook. One of my friends told me about her experience when she found another school friend slowly this group has been extending and most of the school class students are a part of her group and they feel like they are still in school when they talk to each other. Some beautiful memories are helpful to us for memorizing old happy days and Facebook also helps in this.

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    I also had a similar experience. My close friend and a classmate in Intermediate contacted me after seeing my Facebook account through Facebook only. It is almost 40 years back we were friends. After completing our intermediate e went to different places and he settled in the USA. I have no address for him or phone number. So we lost touch. He gave me his phone number and now we are in touch. We could gather the phone numbers of some of our classmates and now we have a WhatsApp group and we are in touch with each other. Even we had old students meet in 2019.
    But we should be very careful with new friends on Facebook. We should not go for any money transactions and personal details sharing with such friends. Many incidents are happening these days and some innocent people are losing their hard-earned money.

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