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    Is it OK to delay second dose of your vaccination.

    I got vaccinated, the first dose in the month of June with a dose of covishield but did not have time or couldn't get the second dose till now even after 82 day, and I am thinking to get the vaccine later now because I am out of my town and I want to be vaccinated in my hometown only, I have already delayed few days after 82 days already spent.
    Is it ok to delay this much? Will it have any kind of effect?
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    Neelam, do not postpone the second vaccination citing no time because there has been spike of cases in recent days and the festive season making people to come out in large numbers not following covid protocols. When the first vaccine was hassle free and not given much trouble to us, we should not postpone the second one. Moreover as far my thoughts goes, every public health center or the government area hospitals are having the second vaccine drive and you need not waste time unlike first vaccine. Moreover the vaccines are connected to the Aadhaar, and one can get vaccinated anywhere across the country as our first vaccine is already recorded and second one would also be recorded. Even the private hospitals are giving second dose but with some charging of money and even some companies are also doing.
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    As the stipulated gap between first dose and second dose in case of the covishield vaccine is already over in your case it will be advisable to go for second dose as soon as possible. Nowadays there are many centres which are providing these vaccines and the crowd is also not much as most of the people have been covered by these vaccines. You can try to have the second dose even in some other place in case you are not able to return to your place for some quiet time.
    One single dose is not effective in protecting a person and nowadays we are hearing about the third dose also which will be in the form of a booster dose. So considering all these points it is better to go for second dose at an earliest.

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    You should not delay the second dose more times. As as you mentioned you have been vaccinated with coveshield and it help to strengthen your immune system for at least three months, as your three months are already completed you should go for the second dose as soon as possible. These vaccines work like a booster that boosts your immunity for fixed time duration and this is the most important reason to do not delay the second dose.

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    You have taken Covishield. After taking the first dose now the second dose can be taken after 84 days. Within one month of the due date, you can take the second dose. So it is time and you should take the dose immediately. Why delay. It is better if you get completely vaccinated. There is no shortage of vaccines. Free vaccines as well as vaccines in government hospitals are also available. Better book the slot and go. Once you get completely vaccinated, you will be protected better. Single-dose may not be as effective as two doses. Please hurry up. Unless otherwise there is any specific reason there is no point in delaying vaccination. Fully getting vaccinated is the requirement as of now. The present situation is good but we can't take it for granted that COVID is stopped spreading. only vaccination is the correct way to avoid this problem. Any lapse in that is not advisable.
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    No, it is not at all advisable to delay the second dose and you must go to the vaccination centre as early as possible. I am sure you are registered to the Aarogya Setu App and there you will find the period within which you need the second dose. You can take it from anywhere and nobody will ask you anything as long as you are completing the registration process. You need to take the initiative to do it and then you will be able to do it. Delaying it over one excuse or the other will keep it pending which you must not allow.

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    After the 84 days stipulated period, you have another 30 days to get your second dose. Let us not take risk and give a chance to regret in the future. Vaccines are freely available in government hospitals and welfare centres. You can take your second dose anywhere in India at any time convenient to you.

    I have taken my first dose on 16th Aug from my native village from TN, and due for my second dose at any time between 8th November and 6th December as indicated in the Provisional Certificate for Covid-19 vaccination. I am planning to take my second dose from Bengaluru.

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    As you have just completed the current prescribed interval between the first and second dose, you may take the second dos at the earliest convenient date. There is no need to deliberately delay it nor any worry if it is delayed by a few days. At present there is no rush as it was earlier and the vaccine is available relatively easily. So it is better to make use of the opportunity at any recognized and authorized vaccination centre at the earliest convenience.
    At the same time continue to follow all the prescribed precautions like and hygiene, mask, social distancing etc. too.

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    You should not make any delay further since it has already been delayed beyond the permissible time. Making further delay would mean that you next vaccination would not be that much effective. Now thinking that you will face rush in getting the vaccination does not seem justifiable since you may not observe such a rush as seen earlier. There are private hospitals also providing vaccination for the variants Covaxin and Covishield with some extra charges but in that situation. you will be at least in a comfortable position in respect of inoculation of the vaccination. You need to carry over your Aadhar Card along with you to enable the centre to assess the exact details of your first vaccination.

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    Thanks to all of the responses given by you I realised that I was postponing my vaccination without reason and kind of felt afraid to delay my second dose again so I got fully vaccinated today.
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    @745345: "..... I got fully vaccinated today".
    Good. Wish you a healthy time ahead. You have also added to the positive statistics of our country in vaccination against Covid19.

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    Glad to know good sense prevailed, Neelam, and you got the second dose.

    Just now I read a news report that the Central Govt. is very concerned that 10.34 crore Indians have not taken the second dose of the vaccine. Those are dreadful stats. This is despite the fact that there is no shortage of vaccines, and, in fact, vaccines are going to waste. It is hoped that people will stop dithering, especially with the major festivals of Diwali and Christmas coming up. The more people take the vaccine, the safer it is for everyone collectively.

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    Again thank you for responding Vandana Mam, I know there are many like me who could get a second dose anytime but are delaying due to some reason hope they do the same as well.
    As I went for the second dose I asked the lady vaccinating whether it is ok because it is almost more than 112 days since my first vaccination and she told me a few days difference will work, but the time period should be 84 days at least.

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