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    Humiliating defeat agaist Pakistan as fans gets furious

    The dreams and the celebrating mood of Indian cricket fans were shattered and devastated when we lost by 10 wickets against Pakistan and what was more frustrating was the images circulated in social media when Virat hugging the Pakistani counterpart with a smile and that cast a spell among the frustrating fans that the game was gifted to them. The way our boys fell to Pakistan bowlers cannot be digested as Rahul and Rohit gifted the wicket in first three overs. The fans got much agitated and furious as they banged Virat for his bad captaincy and not caring to the Nation first feeling. And fans are blaming actor Akshay Kumar for negative comment on Virat and that may be also a reason to Pakistan win.
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    Fans have always let emotion rule over logic. We are never ready to acknowledge that the better team wins, and it grates on them when losing to arch-rivals. They obviously had better bowlers in the match. Nobody takes part in a competition to lose or "gift" their wicket deliberately, and putting blame on a comment made by somebody is really absurd. There is also nothing wrong with Virat Kohli embracing an opponent and smiling. So what? That's sportsmanship, to acknowledge defeat with grace and maturity. Fans need to grow up!
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    Yesterday Rohit Sharma got out for an excellent ball. We can't say he has gifted the wicket. The same is the case with Rahul also. The main drawback is losing the toss. The team that batted first has to suffer due to the initial support the pitch is offering to the bowlers. as the game progresses the pitch will ease out and making runs will become easy.
    But yesterday the bowling of our bowlers was not up to the mark. They might not have got the required support from the pitch.
    A match between Pakistan and India is always viewed differently and the losing team will have to face such issues. The players of different countries need not have enmity and they can be friends. But because of the bad relations between the two countries, many people may not digest the defeat and they try to find out some silly reason for the loss.
    However, India had a bad start and we all should hope and wish that they will come better and win all other matches and emerge as winners in this prestigious tournament.

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    Winning and losing is a part of the game and it's better to stick to it rather than become too emotional. The words used to describe the events in the match shows how emotional the author was during the game and the same was the situation of the fans who are furious and blaming someone/something for the defeat. There is no other reason than a better performance of the team that won the game. A cricket match between India and Pakistan is always a high-voltage one and when one team loses the fans of that team go berserk because of the enmity between the two nations.

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    We can either win or lose. We should not expect to be victorious at all times in games we play. After all a game between two teams to see victory or defeat. We need not worry much about it and accuse the players. We should hope for victory in our future plays.
    A player who scores century in one game can also get out as a duck in another game. Enjoy the game, not the victory or defeat. It is not a loss to India, but to the players only. As a spectator of the game, we don't get anything if our team wins. The affected would be who bets.

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    Yesterday Pakistan played very well in every department fielding, bowling and batting. The fielding of Pakistan is outstanding. It never gave any slim hope for India to recover at any moment. Our bowling department failed miserably yesterday and unable to take even a single wicket in 20 overs. Some of the good players like Aswin, Thakur, have to be included to strengthen India. Batsman like Panth to be included who can take quick initiative to increase the score as it is 20 overs match. Any how we have to congratulate Pakistan for their outstanding performance.

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    I am wondering why Virat Kohli still continue to be in captaincy after being defeated continuously. We used to have some good Cricket during Saurav Ganguli and MS Dhoni but since Virat Kohli overtook the captaincy the good journey stopped. Only modeling, Twitter, and no passion for sportsmanship and winning.

    I have already lost interest in this game.

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    India's squad has failed to stand in front of Pakistan's performance. As a team, everyone knows that the Indian team is stronger than Pakistan. But there are many factors that work in cricket, and only if everything goes well does a team win. Although that was a factor in the toss, no batsman was able to play on one side. I think Afridi played a vital role, his performance was excellent in bolling, showed beautiful bowling technique. Moreover, our bowlers did not have a field performance, no offensive bowling strategy was seen. On the other hand, Pakistan's bowling and batting were both surprising. They have won on the strength of performance. We hope the Indian team will perform well in the rest of the matches.
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    I did not see this match. Today two of my colleagues were discussing that India lost a crucial match against Pakistan quite badly. Then they explained me what happened in match. I have no more interest in cricket now, however, I would like to state that we should take game as game. India and Pakistan both are strong teams. There is nothing to worry about result. It was not the day for indian team. That's it.

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    The game against Pakistan has the personal hedge and its is the prestige issue for us to maintain winning spree.
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    Winning or defeat is part of every game and it never remains constant, India's defeat in this match was a bit surprising because people's expectation was more than the country's players but the performance weakened the people's expectation a bit, But this does not mean that audiences start giving negative comments about the players. Every player tries his best to do his best and victory is his goal but misfortunes also keep playing their game. This defeat has been a big blow to the country as people take the India-Pakistan match to a different level by not limiting it to just one game. Whatever the player is, he is a player and his aim is to win his game by playing his game with full effort, even if he is a player of any country. Hopefully, the performance of the team in the coming time will be better than this time, lets wait for the next match.

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    The really shocking outcome of this match was the online hateful comments against Mohammed Shami just because of his religion. It really angered me that fanatics questioned his integrity, wanting to know if he got paid to help the opponents win because they are Muslims. It is equally shocking that nobody from Team India has so far come out in support of the bowler, while other cricketers, celebrities, and the general public have done so.

    It has also been reported that students from Kashmir were attacked in their hostel in Punjab while they were watching the match. As I said earlier, Enough is enough. Why isn't there a law to punish such racial abuse, online or offline?

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    Pretty Disappointing but the next world cup is not far.

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