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    Make a habit of being careful about your health.

    If there is anything most important in our life, it is our life itself. Many times, due to some troubles or stress, we start being careless towards our health, but we may have to suffer the consequences in a very negative way later, so there should not be negligence towards health. It is understandable that difficult times come in everyone's life and in such times, many times we spend full focus on dealing with problems and that is why we pay little attention to our health which gives rise to big problems. Whether the time is in your favor or against, we know that time will never be stable, so it is wise to be aware of your health at any type of time. It does not require much effort, but you can stay healthy through some simple care, just be aware of yourself and your health and never compromise with it.
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    You can have the real pleasure of your life if you take care of your health by following proper diet regimen, regular indulgence with some physical exercise and keeping stress under control.
    A little care would do wonders with our unnecessary consultation of the doctors for minor health issues. It does not involve a significant cost in keeping good health other than taking some seasonal fruits and some dried nuts such as Raisins, Cashews etc. we have to be particular regarding the street foods where a lot of spices and unhealthy oils are used for making such items. Foods made at homes are definitely healthy keeping usage of spices and oils under check.

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    Health is very important for any person. We can't enjoy our life if our health is not cooperating with us. Many people neglect their health in their busy schedule and afterwards, they struggle a lot to cope up. One should always remember that prevention is better than cure always. Once we have any health problem we have to use medicines for getting cured. You have to change your habits to get cured.
    Instead of that from the beginning if you are careful about your health. you need not go to a doctor for any issue. Timely food, timely sleep and some physical exercise will keep you healthy. Eating junk food, not sleeping correctly and getting habituated to unhealthy practices will be root causes for health problems. Hence be safe, avoid all the above and keep up your health well. Health is wealth. We all know that. If there is no health, there is no use in having wealth as you can't enjoy your life.

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    Good advice from the author, that having a good health is the treasure and not everyone is happy having the bad time all the way. One must know the health very well. For example some people does not behave with good response when some allergic vegetables or oil are taken. In that case they should keep away from that things otherwise the health would give great setback. The other day one of my relative's son was fond of food and in the marriage there was challenge between cousins as to who would eat the meals in larger quantity and how fast. So the entire competition was timed and quantity recorded. That boy has won, but what is the ultimate result that next day day he had severe health setback and was sick for over eating and then continued vomitting and doctor has warned him such kind of challenges in future.
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    There is an old saying that health is wealth. It was a very powerful saying and holds today also with the same strength. There is absolutely no doubt that we must take care of our health.
    Now let me come to a very crucial point about health. Health of a person depends on so many factors that it is not so easy to take care of one's health. Many rich people are spending a lot of money for attaining good health but they don't get success in that even after spending that type of large amount. Some people believe that health depends on the discipline and regularity in their lives in which one carries out regular exercises and takes good quality of food and keeps control on one's unnecessary indulgences. This had been a proven strategy for keeping one's health. Still there are certain situations where even after doing all these things in one's life one doesn't keep a good health and then that is an unfortunate situation.
    So the point is that we should try to keep our health in a good shape as far as possible from our side and that is the maximum which we can do and we must do and forget the rest which is a matter beyond our control.

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