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    If you have a demand for development then also learn to cooperate.

    People have a lot of demands from the government or other institutions in the name of development, and especially when the ruling party is in opposition to the people, sometimes these demands take the form of rebellion. But when the government or other organizations work for development, then there are such people who do not want to give any kind of cooperation nor do they want to adjust.

    These days a construction work of flyover is going on in my city which was stalled for a long time after getting the permission but in the last few months, the work is progressing with good progress. Due to this, it is a common thing to have more pollution, traffic, etc. Some people make so much spectacle about it and behave badly and abusively about the government or the workers, engineers, etc.

    Even when we are looking for development, then we must contribute to this process, if you are inconvenienced due to traffic then you can change your route. There are many ways if a person wants to adjust. The path of development is not easy and development does not happen by mere demand, we all should be ready for it.
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    We have to cooperate with the government, that is always true. But the problem is that proper communication boards and signboards will not be properly placed by the working department so that people will plan their roots properly.
    Another problem is that the works will get delayed unduly and that will make the people irritated. The planning should be done properly and that should be executed as planned. Many times these government projects get delayed due to financial problems.
    There is no coordination between different government departments. That is also a reason for the irritation of the people. Today road will be laid and tomorrow another government department will come and dig the road for their works. That will be causing a lot of inconveniences again to people.

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    Cooperation from the inhabitants to successfully implement a project is essential but at the same time coordination between various agencies working in the project and between government departments is a must as mentioned by Dr Rao in his response #745289. Whenever people are inconvenienced many start complaining and behave in a way as if something grossly wrong is being carried out. It is true that there will be a lot of traffic congestion and pollution during the construction and it is also true that the project was stalled for a long time. I am sure people anticipated the flyover to come up much earlier and when it got delayed for some reasons best known only to the authorities it gave rise to a kind of frustration. This is also another reason for the kind of reaction observed in some people.

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    The author has brought in an important issue of extending cooperation to government in terms of development projects without which there cannot be inclusive progress. For example the under bridge near our area was pending since 6 years as the works for the same was dug ,not not completed for want of claiming lands to finish the road works on the other hand. Having recognized this and the problems faced by the contractor, the MP and MLA organized a meet of locals who are facing the road turn around problems. Surely they took responsibility of convincing owners to leave a apart some land for the bridge and compensation assured. Thus true negotiations taken place and the problems were sorted out. Here the bridge was started by previous govt without announcing compensation of road and now money paid.
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