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    Career guidance in IT sector.

    I need to switch my career from mechanical engineering to IT company but i am confused to choice an option in IT field. So kindly help me out to make a choice. I passed my graduation in 2019 .
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    It seems the author got confused in deciding the career path which has to be chosen at the time of taking course in Intermediate studies and that would pave way for sure shot process to the dream. Moreover the present mechanical engineering is also not a mean study and author need not underestimate. May be the author has been wrongly induced by his friends to go for IT field options and pursue those studies which can fetch him the IT job. The author should have talked to their parents before hand when he chosen this mechanical engineering by force. Always the studies should coincide with our interest and good college, otherwise wasting the time and dream of parents who toiled for their life to make you an engineer. Please continue with the present engineering and focus on core areas of this which is also good.
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    You need not be unnecessarily confused for the current course. There is always a better scope for a course provided you pay sufficient attention to Mechanical Engineering stream. Your main focus should be on your studies and ensure that the basics associated with the course is understood clearly so that at the end of completion of this engineering stream, your scorings are impressive enough to land into a job with a reputed organisation.
    Persuasion of any course in the grip of confusion will surely affect your performance in the final examination. Hence you need not loose your focus, determination and clarity while taking up any course. Even if you are interested for IT field, you would have a chance from an employer with your impressive performance if you attend such interviews. The employer would be more interested to know how best you can represent the facts in a given situation apart from your analytical ability while solving a problem.
    Hence without any ambiguity, continue the course with confidence so that you emerge successful as a brilliant performer in the present stream.

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    Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen subject. The person who is qualified in that subject will have very good chances for development. Already you have some experience in that line. So I feel you should continue in the same line and try to change to a good company. The scope for this subject is very huge. Once you acquire some experience in the line, you can go for senior positions.
    Another issue is the experience you have so far may not be counted for your job in the IT sector. You may be considered as a fresh candidate with no experience. That will make you lose some experience. Before taking a final decision to change think about the above point also and then decide finally.
    Still, if you feel the IT sector is better, try to acquire some skills in that area by doing some certification courses and then try for a job in that area.

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    You are currently undergoing course in mechanical engineering. Now due to to certain reasons you want to switch to IT area. We have to understand what are those considerations and pondrings based on which you are thinking for this change in your career. One reason could be that your interest is in IT and computers but due to some adverse circumstances you were forced to take Mechanical engineering for your engineering degree. Another reason could be that you might be seeing that there is more scope and career making opportunity in IT area as compared to mechanical engineering and that might be prompting you for taking this decision.
    If you have really good interest in IT area then you can think about this switching and take advantage of your interest and liking for those learnings. Please remember that whether it is a mechanical engineering area or computer engineer area both are equally difficult and challenging as far as making a career and seeking a job is considered. Sometimes while doing one thing in hand we are lured by something which is sitting at the other side of the fence but when we actually undertake that it doesn't come as bright as it looked earlier. So these things require a decision based on clarity about these things and the associated aspects in our mind.

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