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    Samasrayanam- A ultimate right to attain the God through five steps

    Being born in Brahmin family we are duty bound to have the blessings and following of a Guru Parampara through which five steps towards attaining the glory to the God which is called pancha samskara or rituals has been administered to me and my wife today. The Guru has replica Sanku and chakra made of brass and that was shown to the fire and then put on our two shoulders. The Guru also gave us the sermon as to why we are born, what to be done as brahmin and what rights one has when Samasrayanam is done. I was totally blessed today and got the Wisdom being deciple of great Ramanujar.
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    It is good to know that you have taken gurubodha today and got blessed. The practice explained is known in for Srivaishanvas and people with those markings only are eligible perform rituals in temples as a priest. This is good that you are enlightened with the dos and don'ts by your guru and hope you will follow them without fail in the coming days. Teachings will be useful only when we understand them and follow them without fail. Otherwise, we will not find the fruits of those teachings. I wish you all the best.
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    It is good to know that you took birth in a Brahmin family and blessed to have such rituals in your life for betterment. But I don't understand why God has created human beings and divided them into different groups, and is blessing only Brahmins? Why God is indifferent in this aspect? What others should do to get wisdom and knowledge? How others can be blessed by God?

    And you have not mentioned about the five steps(five steps) to attain this.

    Was it done free of cost by your Guru or has he charged any fees to get blessed? If charged, how much? Why should a Guru charge to give the blessings of God?

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    First step, be ready to forgo pleasures of life, second ready to serve the God, Be ready to do rituals for late parents, Be ready to leave this world. attain the God through good deeds.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I am very glad to know that you got what you wanted. I too belong to a Brahmin family and understand the importance of Guru. The importance of Guru is not only in the Brahmin families but also in other social and people take Guru Diksha at a certain time. Spirituality is an important aspect of human life and it has importance like other facts of life. The great importance of all these has been told by our sages in the scriptures. It is a matter of happiness that even today many people are connected with their roots. It is hoped that even today's guru will get the same form of the guru that was found in ancient times.

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    Be ready to forgo pleasures of life.
    Be ready to serve the God.
    Be ready to do rituals for late parents.
    Be ready to leave this world.
    Attain the God through good deeds.

    I think, these are Mohan's personal five steps, not mentioned anywhere in the scriptures.

    How can we give up the pleasures of life? We are borne to enjoy or suffer in life
    How can we serve the God who is invisible?
    How rituals to late parents would help us? Rituals help the Brahmans to earn their bread.
    Why should we ourselves be ready to leave? We are created by God to live.
    What good deed will help us to reach God?

    You have not answered my questions.

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