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    Be ecofriendly. Say no to ball pens

    These days people are accustomed to using ball pens only. No person is not interested in using fountain pens. Many cheap refill pens are in use these days. Many of them are use and throw type. Even if we replace refills also the empty refills are thrown out. We are getting various attractive models in these pens.

    By this, we are creating a lot of plastic waste which is not good for the environment. We all know that all the ballpoint pens are made with plastic and by using and then discarding them a lot of plastic is getting collected as waste. The hazards of this plastic are well known to all of us. We should not encourage plastic usage.

    Fountain pens are reusable and we can use them for a long. We can fill in ink and use them. That will help us in restricting plastic use and quantum waste will also come down. So I feel we all should start using fountain pens.
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    In your team writing story, you wrote about the fountain pens and your grandchild making nuisance at home with the pen and the ink. With innovation of new things, we are making our life more and more comfortable. Ball pens are good to write, very cheap, easy to store. A fountain pen needs an ink bottle, extra nibs and careful handling. If it leaks, it would spoil your costly shirts. The ink won't dry up quickly. There are too many reasons why we should not use fountain pens.

    When we talk about the plastics, we need to learn how to dispose off the plastic materials. Simply burn the pen/refills after their use.

    When you look at the plastic wastes at home, the wastage of plastic made pens are comparatively less in size and quantity.

    Encourage fountain pens, but don't discourage ball pens. Let it be the users choice.

    No life without Sun

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    The only possible ways in which the plastics can be disposed-off is it to use it for constructing roads. There also seems to be discoveries of micro-organisms which helps to transform it to some ecofriendly bio-products. The other discoveries may also be happening along with these but being conscious of aftermath affects is the need of the hour.

    The suggestion by the author can not be ignored but the general opinion is different for its uses and cannot be interfered much in the present scenario.

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    I agree with you Sun, The problem of ink leaking is there. But that problem is there will be there with ball pens also but to a lesser extent. I feel it is better to spoil my shirt rather than the atmosphere.
    Plastic burning is not a solution to prevent pollution. When you burn plastic it will emit greenhouse gases which are very dangerous and cause air pollution. We have to incinerate them leaving the gases at a very high altitude. That facility is not available for a common man. The other solution is what Ved Prakash Anand has suggested that using in laying roads.

    always confident

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    Mr. Rao,
    There are many ways to dispose off the plastics. What I suggested is not a huge plastic burning. It can be done once in a week or once in a month in our backyard, or put it in the open burner (choola) used to boil water. Or dump it in the dustbin from where the corporation/municipality collects the waste and disposes it safely.

    No life without Sun

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    It is better to collect it in waste collection bins and give it to the Corporation/Municipality for disposal safely. Somehow I am not convinced with the idea of burning in our backyard.

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    When an existing convenience is to be discarded then there should be an equal or better alternative. Otherwise people will not be able to conform to the new rules and norms.
    The knowledge about the disadvantages and harmful effects of plastic is there since long time. But as there is no other convenient alternative available, people are still compelled to use plastics.
    Waste problem can be managed to a good extent by reuse or recycle. Why the governments are not taking efforts to bring recycling facilities? Why the technologists, scientists and entrepreneurs are not encouraged to work and implement in this regard? So I think, there is still some kind of "commercial interest adjustments" in the continuation of plastics without recycle facility as well as the periodical ,warnings, of governments in discontinuation or banning plastic.

    The same fits for ball pens also.

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    We all should be but there must be some alternatives. Let's think about plastic carry bags. Earlier, every shop used to provide a plastic carry bag to the customers. Even after creating a lot of awareness and banning them in some areas I still see they are in use in large quantities. This is because still there is no suitable alternative found or even if it is there it may not be that cost-effective. The disadvantages of fountain pens are already discussed and unless a suitable alternative to a ball pen is found it cannot be discarded. Rather than throwing any plastic item here and there, we can keep it in a separate bin and dispose it off in a suitable place notified by the authorities.

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    Though the author need to be appreciated for seeking a change in reverting to use of fountain pens ie ink pen instead of ball pen citing environment hazards. But over the last five decades, we have been using the ball pens and we are now more obsessed with the same. Using fountain pens are now restricted to the Gazetted officers, court judges and other high officials. Moreover converting back to fountain pen may not be possible as we have seen the draw back over flow of ink while using such pens and the smudges appear all over the paper therefore destroying the writing matter. Further the nibs are always a problem and if we press hard to write they would break for sure. And availability of ink at all places and carrying ink with us is additional burden. So I do not think we would revert sincerely for the cause.
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    The author has initiated a good thought for forum discussion that is commendable. Being ecofriendly is always good for human beings not only for themselves but for upcoming generations too. We understand the point of view of the author regarding ink or ball pen but this is also true that to apply this ideology in practice is not so simple as most of us are habitual to using ball pen and it is also more comfortable to write. So, what we can do is that we should live a life in this way so we can avoid as much plastic as we can and protect our environment.

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    Ballpens are convenient mode of writing material in present modern world. Reverting to fountain pens is not at all possible despite its eco-friendly nature. Reuse of ball pens is one of the way you can mostly curtail plastic pollution. The pen what we use can be used for ever and the refill only has to be replaced. Already such ballpens are available but most of us we use, use and throw Ballpens. Only the refill has to be thrown off and has to be collected by shopkeeper and should be used in laying road material. Reuse and recycling is the only way to dispose of the waste. Banning use and throw ball pens will reduce this menace. Innovative way of creating ball pens with bamboo wood, paper waste has to be experimented.

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    Since the pen manufacturers would be affected if the company produces refill for their pens. Hence they are producing use and throw pens. Only very costly ball pens will have refills. This is to improve the income of pen manufacturing companies. As rightly said by Mr Venkiteswaran, our scientists should work on disposal of plastic wastes.
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    Although I have never given much thought to this idea of a pen in such a manner, but I like the idea of reusable pens and it is not necessary to use a fountain pen for it. One can use the normal pen it but only change the refill or there are also pens available on the market which are similar to fountain pen that uses ink and do not necessarily spill that much ink, so the concept and solution is a nice idea and needs to be marketed in a better manner.
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    As mentioned earlier in one of the responses, scientists are working on biodegradation methods for the disposal of plastic. If that comes in, I think there will be a solution. Let us wait and see. Instead of use and throw pens at least reusable refill pens may be a better option which will decrease the waste to a considerable extent.
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