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    Diwali is round the corner. What are your plans for celebration?

    The grand Indian festival Diwali is round the corner. This is one of the festival that is enjoyed by the kids and oldies. We enjoy wearing new clothes. We enjoy eating varieties of sweets/eats. We enjoy bursting crackers. We enjoy visiting our relatives friends and temples.

    What do you enjoy most during the Diwali day? Is it the clothes, sweets, fire works, meetings or any other things of interest?

    Though the days are of pandemic, we don't give up festival celebrations. All are getting their Diwali bonus for celebration.

    Since I am a bit old and sick, I am not interested in eating, and cannot visit houses and temples. I enjoy only wearing a set of new clothes on the festival day after a good oil bath, and pray God for everyone's health and prosperity in their life.
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    You have chosen the correct way to celebrate Diwali this time and I think we all should stick to such protocols because of the situation all around. Large gatherings have to be avoided for some more time though we cannot say the exact timeframe. In general, I enjoy the lights on Diwali as Diwali is the celebration of lights and meeting friends and visiting places are usual activities during the festive season. Let the spirit remain inside by keeping things simple this time and it's the concern for the well-being of each other that can help us to stay safe.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Compared to last year, this time there is a celebration mood, thanks to the cascading improvement of life all around and instill of confidence to survive against all odds has been developed coupled with getting money for the work done has created a new way to celebrate this festival with great plans. For that matter grand clothing and sweets are going to occupy the best arrangements plus renovating the homes and offices would be other criteria. Surely there is no place for crackers as there is ban in every state and even in Telangana we are not seeing the crackers shops which used to be seen by this time. Anyway there is a hope for new beginning for every business during Deepavali as new accounts are initiated and lets hope India would take off with great and inclusive development from next month first week.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The trend of corona spread has almost halted and so is the mood of the people. They seem to be relaxed and want to enjoy Deepavali freely if there is no such notification from the state government. I think it will be better to desist from huge gatherings at this moment. To give a break for the time being can give us protection from the dangers of the further spread if at all it happens.
    Let us not enjoy crackers this time but we can certainly invite a few friends along with their families if they are hail and hearty. Such an association would give you mental boost during this occasion.

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    I am already on my way, which means the preparation of Diwali is already going on, on daily basis. Like last year we spent Deewali quite a simple way due to the corona pandemic, and this year also we should be more careful but at the same time, people are less afraid this time. Me and my sister we both working on it. Apart from household preparation, we are also planning some charity for this we will go to an orphanage and give some chocolates and sweets to the children over there. I have always tried to avoid crackers but young children of my family like my nieces and nephews always insist on buying crackers, I will try to explain to them so that they may give less contribution to air pollution. So let's see what is new and more different happens this Diwali. I like to Wish you and your family a happy and safe Deepawali.

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    Due to the the decrease in coronavirus activity people are definitely ready to celebrate the festival of Deepavali in their own ways.
    The shops in the market are already being decorated by the shopkeepers and the pavements are full of so many types of items used by the people during this time. I would also be going to the market and bringing some sweets and other items for entertaining the guests who generally visit at this point of time. I have no interest in the crackers so I would not be buying them. I have already got sufficient new dresses bought just a few months back so I am not going to buy any new dress also at this time.
    It is imperative that we have to take sufficient care by wearing mask and avoiding crowded places during this festival time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This year I think people will go to a big celebration only. Many people got vaccinated fully or with one dose and the number of Corona cases are coming down. This is making people be more confident. So the festival this time may be celebrated grand way than last year. But one should not forget the problem and take all precautions while celebrating the festival.
    In my house now we have three kids. The elder one is 4 years old, the second one is 1,5 years and the third one is 6 months old. My brother's daughter is also here and she is 8 years old. We have to see that all of them will be happy and enjoy the festival. Already we have purchased new clothes for all of them. Their grandmother will make sweets and specials that are liked by them. We should be careful with crackers. We will purchase all Indian made crackers only. We have to take care of these kids while my sons and their wives, my brother and his wife will be doing the firecrackers display.

    always confident

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