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    Should we rush to hospitals even for small health setbacks?

    India is known for household remedies and our elders are trained and tested to control and stop any small ailments at the time of their initial symptoms itself. But modern-day parents are more health consciousness and would not take risks and immediately rush to the family physician for urgent consultancy and even ready to hospitalize. Our elders prepared remedies on Pittham, vattham and Kabam concept to which ailments are related and therefore the outcome was sure shot of total healing. Do you still practice household remedies for small ailments?
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    It is not right to run to the hospital for every minor health problem, but some problems should not be avoided either. The most important fact is seriousness and awareness. When we are aware of the health of our loved ones, it does not mean that we start going to the hospital even for a small problem, but we should come to recognize the state of health. It is true that our elders give advice about many home remedies and some of them have proved to be effective too, perhaps even today most of the families continue to do home remedies along with medical treatment. The present situation is a little different, due to which there is both doubt and fear in the mind of the people, because the way the last two years had come under the defeat of the epidemic, people were getting worried even in the normal winter and immediately contacted the doctor because at that time it was also necessary.

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    Our ancient medical system was followed by the former men and that is what we have learned from our senior family members. Many follow it and many are afraid to do it. I think it is enough for common ailments and in many cases more useful than modern medicine. Because it is completely Ayurvedic or natural from which there are no side effects. Using it will benefit the body. So in case of minor ailments, it is better not to go to the hospital or doctor. I personally follow this and prefer to follow the same rules for others in the family.
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    Concern for one's own health and one's loved one is a very good thing and regular checkups as well but when this health-conscious goes to an extent of anxiety, obsession and thus panic attacks it is more dangerous than any kind of disease. Though too much information on our hands gives us a lot of things, but there are a few demerits of it as well since a little fever, cold or any kind of headache and stomach makes us anxious and we start to google it. And when it comes to google it gives so much information that we end up believing that our condition is very serious and end up making rounds of hospitals. So the best solution to such a problem is to be concerned but not overly concerned and don't be a doctor yourself by googling the solution of everything let some things be handled by experts in the medicinal field.
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    In earlier times, people were taking home remedies for their ailments especially in the beginning stage of the illness and were only going to the hospital when it became inevitable. Today the habits are changed significantly in this respect and people want to take medicines from the first day itself and the main reason for doing that is because they do not want any break or disturbance in their working.
    The fact is that going to hospital requires a thinking of balance mind and then only one can take a balance decision. Simple ailments like sore throat, light fever etc are cured very well with the home remedies which are established in our society since time immortal. If there is no effect of home remedies for the first two three days then it becomes an alarming proposition and then it makes sense to rush to the hospital for diagnosing the underlying problem.
    Actually an individual is the right person to judge one's situation of illness and to find out whether it would be cured by the home remedies or one will have to go to the hospital based on once earlier experiences in the matter. Human body is a very capable and efficient machine and most of the times it is Sen and scientific and approved also that the body itself repairs in yours it until unless there is some strong external bacterial or viral influence.

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    One point we all should keep in mind is all the medicines are synthetic organic chemicals that will have the qualities of curing an ailment but there will be definitely some side effects will be there. So we should use allopathic medicines very judiciously. If we start using medicines for small issues also, our body will become immune and it requires more powerful medicine for small problems also. So we should be able to wait and use home remedies so that the ailment will get cured. ayurvedic medicines or homoeopathy medicines are better and there will not be any side effects. So first to give a try of these medicines is a better option.
    In our house, we try these home remedies for many small issues and we will not go to a doctor for such issues. We use ayurvedic medicines for normal problems like headache, fever, indigestion. cold and cough etc. When it is necessary only we will see a doctor.

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