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    If we had the chance to see whats happening inside the body?

    We know Human body is totally concealed with hard skin all over and whats happening inside has become fully secret and only doctors have the knack to know. My thoughts were for a transparent body where in we could see whats is the operational process inside and even detect the setbacks before hand. Like in laboratories we could see the reaction through the test tubes, same way our body should have been transparent to watch and take remedial actions. Do you also support my unusual thoughts in the matter ?
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    Unbreakable transparent sheets are to be used. If the glass is used it may get broken easily. So we should have unbreakable glass only. Even though we have transparent skin we may not be able to see our own inside the body. Again mirror is required to have a view of our body whether it is inside or outside. But what is the use of seeing what is happening? Now doctors are able to see what is happening in our bodies. Laparoscopy is the technic where doctors can see the inside of the body of the patient without cutting or rupturing the body. Ultimately, I don't know what purpose it will see.
    I don't whether the human creator is having the R & D facilities and whether he appointed anybody to work on that. If it is in the hands of the human being definitely a try will be made by them. But unfortunately, that is not in the hands of the living beings.

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    I do not think it will be a good idea and thank god that we can not see what's going inside our bodies. If we study we got to know about the complicated structure of our internal organs as there are many organ systems, and they are doing their job in a good manner because we are not able to disturb them. Otherwise, we know the human, they like to disturb things only for their discoveries and researches. I think nature builds everything in a perfect manner and it should be as it is.

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    Our human body is so much full of filth and dirt that no one would want it to be transparent and be evident of what being taking place or processed inside. Nature has manipulated the whole thing in a most perfect way, and we cannot imagine making it more perfect.

    Conceptualization for the sake of creativity and innovation is a completely different phenomenon but looking at those rationally may not be amusing always.

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