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    Is it really an influence or our mindset?

    When we are sick like we go to the doctor and he prescribes us medicine after checkups, we follow them and feel better. In the same way, when we face any kind of complications in life or we feel that our time is not going right, then everyone's advice is to get a good astrologer to check our horoscope. In astrology, some people advise to either worship or chant or wear a particular gemstone. I have heard from many people that after wearing such a gemstone, positive changes started taking place in their life. What do you think - is it really the effect of gemstones or chanting or does a person's thinking or mindset make him feel like this? Share your experiences and views.
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    I guess it is not the effect of gemstone but the effect of strong faith and belief of people on the gemstone, worship of any form or chanting a certain number of times, It is like placebo effect or If you have come across the book called "the secret" or documentary by the same name which says we get we think a lot or attract it towards ourselves. If you want something with a whole heart and want it that bad we just need to believe in it and we achieve it but sometimes our beliefs are not that strong so we need some kind of channel, medium or some sort of catalyst to make our beliefs stronger, this is my point of view or theory about such totems, gems and stones which you may or may not agree.
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    Many people does not have the faith on gem stones and how come they would change the mindset of the persons. But when you go deep into the subject there is a connectivity and that is convincing also. That we are made from the soil and what ever connected with the soil are dear to us. Gem stones are also taken from the natural soils and this has been happening since ages and that is proved that by wearing a particular color gem stones the human being gets into satisfaction mode. Because the gem stones have colors and they highly influence our thinking pattern as we are attached to some colors so closely. Some gem stone have changed the fate of the Kings to be greatest among them and therefore astrology draws huge popularity through use of gem stones. However modern people has less faith on such happenings.
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    Whenever we are having problems or difficulties we seek help from the palmist or astrologer or our mentor or some senior person or any friend which we feel that would be able to help us in that difficult time. Whatever advice in form of a few assuring words we get from these people, makes us to believe that bad time will be over soon. So that is the way these methods work. No one knows for sure the efficacy of gemstones or horoscope in one's life but positive and encouraging words definitely make a big difference in one's life.
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    The faith you have in such things will change your mindset. For any problem to get sorted out we should approach the problem with a positive attitude. If we have a doubt about the effectiveness of the procedure we are following we will not get the best result. That is why people say we should have confidence in the doctor we go to. In the same, we should have faith in the path we have chosen. When we have no confidence our mindset will not change. Irrespectiveof the path we are selecting our confidence in the path we have chosen and the positive thinking of the mind will make things happen.
    When there is a problem we all will get worried and may not think properly. In such times we look for help or some suggestions. To whom we will go is not important, but what is the confidence we have in that person is more important.

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    Many things have effects on us and there are things that are beyond our control. Mindset plays an important role in every sphere and everything has a connection to our minds. We are surrounded by various forms of energy and they affect us differently. For many gemstones do work, for a lot they do not work. So, are we going to blame the gemstone or the astrologer in that case? Our thought processes and the willingness to change affect us in a big way. Encouraging words have some effect and discouraging words have another effect and both kinds of words affect different people in a different way. Whatever may be the case, a peaceful mind is most important to look for a solution. If you are confused and undecided things will complicate and if you are calm then you will try to look for solutions. In any case, finding a good guide is necessary and that can be anyone whom you think is capable of guiding you.

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