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    "I am yours" and “you are mine” which one is more affectionate?

    In the eyes of the lover, the coming spring, a honeyed environment all around seems to have touched a new revolution in life. A sweet emotion in the mind. I don't know the good and the bad, I don't want to know, but it seems that a distraction is revolving around the mind. Maybe it's called love. Love will come in human life and then the union will happen according to the laws of nature. These words then float in the air and can be heard in their mouths. But do they change in the next life? And then the actual meaning of these two words often comes into existence. You are mine or I am yours. But nobody owns anybody in the society as hearts are our humanity. I think "we both are one and living together throughout life" should be a good choice. what do you think, please share?
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    Well in the matters of love and affection we often leave logic behind and see everything through a more emotional angle and when it comes to "I am yours" and "you are mine" when said in love they both feel good but when said with sort of too much possession and not letting your lover they want to live but in your terms and restricting him/her it is not at all good in fact toxic.
    Because if you truly love someone you let them be who they want and whatever the way they want and " you are theirs" and "they are yours" without too much possession.
    But if we put logic and love both together in a relationship it is better to say " I am always yours" and " yours only"
    and not forcing another person to say the same thing if they are not ready to say it yet because if they are truly yours they will say it themselves.

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    The author posted interesting threads about true love. When a person is in love, then both the words have great importance in his life, I am yours, this word gives a feeling that the person in front is devoted to you as he/she give his/her life for you at any circumstances. The same second sentence, 'You are mine' is also given a kind of satisfaction and belonging also builds trust. The beauty of both words is special in itself. As the author has given a beautiful sentence at the end, we both belong to each other, it also matters but for this both of them also need to be devoted to each other. Love is not only to think about one's own happiness but also to take care of the small happiness of your partner. Love is something that is undefined to some extend and the feeling of love and its emotions is felt only by the person who really has true love in his heart.

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    Here reasoning can be done in case of both ways of expressions. By saying I am yours, it is a surrendered statement from the loving partner who has conceded the love and there is no other go but to accept. On the other hand you are mine as the doubt statement because there was an apprehension about the love and when the feelers started coming in it was accepted and not expected. By the way one need not say we both are one and living together throughout the life, which is going to happen anyway. There are so many other ways of expressing the love like " let this journey of new understanding goes a long way through likes and trust of each other. However for true lovers, they need not express through words or feelings, they can do so through the eye contacts and that would make lots of sense and that is enjoyable too.
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    I am yours will convey that you have every right on me and I will obey whatever you say and I will follow them like rituals. That means I am surrendering myself to you.
    You are mine will convey that I have every right on you. You are mine and nobody else should have any right on you. You have to obey and follow me. That means I am asking you to surrender to me.
    These two statements are showing the authority of one person on the other. For a perfect couple, these two statements should be combined and used. I am yours and you are mine will be a better option to be used. It indicates I obey you and you obey me. This is more reasonable.
    We both are one and we live together through our lives is more suitable for a real couple who feels that they are no two different entities and both of them are one. That is a very nice thought and that thought makes the couple understand each other better and go together a long way. That shows the confidence they have on each other.

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    Both are affectionate as long as the spirit conveyed in the words remain intact. Saying some words just because they are uttered in some movies will be a futile effort if one doesn't understand the meaning.

    Sorry, am I sounding too harsh to spoil the mood of a romantic environment? Remaining affectionate towards each other may be a better idea than thinking of the perfect words to match any kind of affection.


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    When people are in love nothing else matters. To exclaim and express their love they may use some phrases or sentences but at that time these are only understood in a very superficial and apparent ways. Also at that time no one delves deeper to find the real meaning of those manifestations.
    When people are in love and going through the courtship process then each and every word carries a lot of affection, faith, understanding, and sacrifice for each other. Literally speaking, their are two souls, two bodies but one entity. Love is the most powerful thing in this world and it creates eternal bonds between people. The amazing thing is people enjoy and relish each others talks, whatever it might be, when they are in real love with each other. That is why some great authors had mentioned in their work that 'love is blind'.

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