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    Why the shell life of present day vegetables and fruits is very less?

    Have you observed this fact with regard to vegetables and fruits? The vegetables and fruits what we buy today are get spoiled within one to two days. Even we keep them in refrigerator, the vegetables may show ripening and the fruits get spoiled. The santra fruits what we buy today get spoiled within two days. In the past I used to bring vegetables and fruits for one week at a time from the market and can be used till the end of the week without any problem. I think more use of fertilizers, chemical pesticides and the growth hormones is the reason for it. I am bringing these vegetables and fruits from the same market where I used to buy in the past. But one good thing I observed is, in my childhood times the leafy vegetables are used to be with full of worms and are infested with pests. But nowadays the leafy vegetables are without any worms or pests and are very clean? It may be due to the spraying of chemicals we don't know. What is your observation with regard to shell life of vegetables and fruits?
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    The author observation is right and I have also observed that some vegetables which used to stay fresh even after four or five days are now getting rotten within two days. First I was doubting with my refrigerator whether it is not able to save the things with proper cooling. Then I asked others, who also told that vegetables hardly stay fresh for two days. Normally I used to buy raw tomato so that it gets into ripe mode in three or four days, but now the tomato getting spoiled without getting ripe. Even other vegetables especially the leafy ones are getting rotten. What I feel that over usage of chemicals in the fields to get early crops may be the reason for such short term life of the vegetables. We used to store the vegetables for one week when they are brought from Weekly santha on Wednesdays and now we have to shop twice a week.
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    The main reason is the vegetables or fruits that are sold in the market are not fresh. They may be coming late to the market and so they are getting spoiled easily. When we keep the vegetables that are grown in our backyard for one week also, they are not getting spoiled but the vegetables that are purchased in the market are getting spoiled. Another reason is the chemicals that are used while the growth of the vegetables. They may make the vegetables grow fast and at the same time, they have an influence on the shelf life of the vegetables. Another reason is they are being transported in cold storage vans from long distances and then they are kept at normal temperature while selling. This difference in storage conditions will also make the vegetable to get age fast. If we purchase locally available vegetables the shelf life of those vegetables may be more. Organic fruits and vegetables may have a better shelf life, I feel.
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    I agree with the author about the less life of food items like vegetables or fruits. As the author also mentioned that the more use of fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and growth hormones could be the reason for the same and I also believe this is the actual problem. These days most of the people think for their benefits and they do not care about the health of people. When a good production they get after using chemicals they avoid the harms that will affect the humans. There was a time when vegetables were the best medium vitamins but now the situation is something like we can not trust the nutritional value of a vegetable.

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