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    How to choose the right instant coffee powder ?

    The South Indians are fond of Coffee and early morning starts with one cup of strong filter coffee. The filter coffee is with the combination of 60 percent coffee and 40 percent chicory. But one has to prepare the decoction overnight so that early in the morning coffee can be had. Therefore the demand for instant coffee sachets has increased. In this there are many brands and varieties. Like total roasted dust powder, semi dust and big grain coffee pieces. Surely each has its own taste and aroma. Advise how to choose the right instant coffee ?
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    The instant coffee powders should get dissolved or get uniformly distributed in the milk as fast as possible. Then only we will have a good coffee. Generally, fine powders are always the best. They will get wetted fast and get distributed uniformly. If you use coarse particles it may take more time to get wetted. The surface areas will also be less. So it may take more time to get uniformly distributed in the milk.
    The selection again will depend on the taste of the individual. Some may want strong coffee and some may want light coffee. Based on the liking they can use more quantity or less quantity of the powder as required. Big grains are not that good.
    There are many varieties and brands are available in the market and if we go to a coffee day shop and ask them to give as per our desire they may give us. I always prefer filter coffee to instant coffee.

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    There are different blend of coffees and normally we have two kinds of coffee such as filters and instant. Filters coffee is the combination of coffee and chicory in the proportion of 60 to 40. It has got wide popularity since this time is liked by most of the consumers. The instant variants are of different textures coarse, fine etc. selection would of course vary depending upon the type of consumers.
    The coffee consumption has multiplied in the south India at an exponential rate due to spike of the consumers. While visiting a coffee shop, you may enjoy the variant of your choice. They keep the varieties of different choices meeting the expectations of the consumers.

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    Very simple. The best instant coffee can be chosen by tasting all the instant coffee brands available in the market. They are available in the market in small quantities. Buy all and taste them. Feel the best and have it for life.
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    I like filter coffee and usually I avoid instant coffee. We know for filter coffee we need a filter and to get filter decoction it takes long time. Some time if the holes of filter get clogged, to get decoction it takes much more time. Six to seven years back I come to know there are coffee Percolators that can be used to get decoction within 5 minutes. I bought this for the first time from Coffee day shop where Coffee powder is sold. Just within 5 minutes we get the decoction like in a filter. Since than we are using that percolator only. The cost at that time is Rs.550. Coffee lovers you can use without any doubt this percolator for getting instant decoction and enjoy filter coffee. These percolators are also available on Amazon and flipkart online market.

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