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    Stop making excuses for your non-performances and failures.

    Wonder what could be the most common excuses that an individual is likely to make when failed to perform or failed to meet the expectations. Blaming others. Is it?

    I have been evident of only the handful who instead of wasting time on finding out faults/mistakes with others, work on their own weaknesses to improve the things and meet the desired objectives. This is not a hidden concept that this life throws difficulties and bad times to each one of us but then this will completely upon us on how and what to make out of those.

    Do not we feel that we sometimes get fed-up with people's state of mind with their readiness for excuses? At least this happens to be with me and sometimes even to my boss with me. Well, in the short run, this may come as a relief for you but in long run, this may prove to be disastrous when suddenly we began to realize that we are left far behind and that few of the factors like our age cannot be compromised for few targets which could have been possessed with a bit of effort.

    Time is very important when this is being taken care of but this same goes to the extent of cruel some when not been taken care of. Make proper use of time and at the same time stop giving excuses only in case you do not intend to repent later on.
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    A good post from the author. It is true many of us try to find out something or another excuse to defend our inefficiency. When we are late for a meeting we say the traffic is heavy. But we should never think that taking heavy traffic chances into consideration we might have started a little early so that we will be well within the time to the meeting.
    Some people try to find a scapegoat to throw the blame on them. This nature we see with many top bosses. Such people will try to blame someone working under them for the failures and try to escape from his responsibility. If everything goes well as planned they will take the entire credit but failures will go to the others accounts.
    But really if we analyse the reasons for the failure and rectify them we will become more mature and chances of losing will come down. That is always a better option. Thinking I am perfect and you are not perfect is not a better concept to follow.

    always confident

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    It is very easy to blame others for our failures and that would be the best way to convince others. However, you cannot deceive the people for long with such repeated excuses. Instead of blaming others, you should see what are the areas where you can make some improvements. This would require a little exercise from your end. One of the areas of reaching late in the office could be the heavy traffic obstructing you to reach in time and moreover this cannot be denied. If the same is the regular feature, you will have to think over the other route having less traffic density and by using the same, you could maintain time. Excuses are acceptable if the same is not of repetitive nature.

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    Many of us are experts in giving excuses and we think it's an easy route to escape from our responsibilities. If we fail we need to analyze why we failed and take appropriate measures to correct it. By doing this we can improve ourselves but if we blame others for any kind of failure, irrespective of its level of importance, we fail to recognize our mistakes and it will remain a mistake only. Nobody can be correct all the time and it's usual to make little mistakes at times. Correcting the mistake is our responsibility in that case and for that, we need to realize that it's a mistake. Giving excuses and blaming others will not help anyone to realize the mistakes and it will ultimately not be progressive. Accepting the failures and taking corrective action is progressive while always blaming others or finding an escape route indicates the person is not willing to improve.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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