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    Are you still wearing a mask - and properly?

    As reported, there is a fresh surge of Covid infections in the U.K., European countries, Russia, and China as well, where it first started. This is an unfortunate turn of events, at a time when vaccines are bringing hope to the world that we'll collectively recover from the pandemic real soon with no fresh surges.

    As maintained by doctors and health officials around the globe, it is necessary to continue to be wary even when two doses of the vaccine are taken and not let our guard slip. We must continue to wear masks, maintain distance when talking to another person outside, and wash our hands properly. Yet, we continue to see people roaming around maskless, emboldened by having taken the vaccine and not caring a jot about the virus.

    Everyone, please wear a mask when stepping outdoors, and let it not be dangling from your chin.
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    Yes, all our family members wearing masks even though we took two doses of vaccine. WHO and health Experts are clearly saying that taking two doses of vaccine is not a guarantee that one should not be infected by the virus. The vaccine provides some level of protection and immunity against the virus. Mostly we are not going outside and are getting all our necessaties including vegetables from online market. Even if we go outside we are wearing masks and carrying sanitizers. But 60% of the people are not at all wearing masks and roaming like anything in busy places. Wearing masks and using sanitizer is a must to get protection against this virus. The variants of the previous viruses has got a chance to bring the past situation anywhere and that is what happening in European countries and China.

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    Yes. My family is also strictly following the COVID Guidelines. We always wear a mask while going outside. We also put on a mask when anybody comes to our home. I shop online and also use a mask while receiving an order from the delivery boy. Though in our housing society a very few people are wearing masks but still we wear our masks and use sanitiser. I and my husband took both vaccine shots and I think most of the people are vaccinated till now. But as still cases are coming regularly (however very few cases), chances of rising covid cases are high due to the festive season. So, we are taking maximum protective measures. and I think everyone should follow covid guidelines strictly.

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    Yes our entire family are compulsorily wearing the mask when going out and that has become the habit now. Though all of us vaccinated, we are not going to take any risk of infections of any kind. In fact given the environmental and pollution factors outside, it is always good to wear the mask even after the pandemic goes for nil. I am happy that school children are also wearing mask and small child when asked to go out is also seeking to wear the mask. So it has become the habit for everyone to wear the mask. But what is more worrying that those who are in public contacts like the street vendors, milk man, vegetable vendors are doing away from wearing mask and that proves to be danger for us. When ever you spot some one not wearing mask and selling things, just turn away from that place and got for another secured purchase.
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    The author's suggestion is absolutely right, many people stop wearing masks after vaccination, and some are wearing masks but not in a proper way. Wearing masks, sanitization is one of our mandatory habits and it should be this time. These days many news channels clearly gave the declaration of many health organizations about their wave of covid and people should be more alert as this variant is more dangerous.

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    We are taking casual approach in respect of wearing mask. We remain under impression that the corona phase is over. There is no justification in wearing the mask currently since it creates suffocation sometimes deterioration of the oxygen level abruptly. However, we need not neglect this life saving mask at any cost. Who knows what is the physical condition of the man with whom you are conversing. So let us not indulge in such situations where it later turns out to be dangerous. By going to the latest report, it is still hovering around 30,000. Hence let us not violate the present norms.

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    Not only in foreign but also in our country, the outbreak of corona has not stopped yet. Especially after Durgapuja, the prevalence of this disease has started increasing in Bengal, yesterday 986 people were newly infected, out of which 198 people took double doses. So even if we take a double dose, we have to be careful. We have to follow all the precautions when going out. Apart from that, if we wear a mask, it can prevent polluted dust, etc. My family members are also following all the rules when we go out because it is very essential and important.
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    Due to dip in the corona cases, people are feeling confident that now the situation is improving and the pandemic is contained. So many people are taking it lightly and not adhering to the basic precautions and measures which are supposed to be taken even at this time.
    In our society also now very few people are wearing masks and those who are wearing are actually wearing it below the chin and pulling it up only when some people are coming near them. So we are not following it strictly and that can be a big reason for corona to strike back.
    Unfortunately, the human nature is like that only and we do not take precautions till the threat hovers on our own heads.

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    That is very true. Two doses of Vaccine may help you but you can't be 100% sure and we should not do away with the protocols that are to be followed to stop COVID from spreading around. Mask is a must for everybody. But these days I am finding many people with a mask on the chin but not on the mouth and nose. Without any hesitation, I am asking the people to wear the same properly when they are trying to talk to me without keeping the mask in its correct position.
    As a matter of fact, having a mask is good for not only COVID but also for many other health problems. So we all should continue wearing masks as much as possible. Many people have completely forgotten the social distance factor. It is advisable to maintain minimum distance at least while talking with other people.
    One good thing observed these days is many people got habituated to cleaning their hands as frequently as possible. We are changing the clothes which we used when we have gone out as soon as we come back and get them washed.

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    I always wear masks although not the double mask which I started during the March-April this month but a single mask always, and always carry sanitiser in my bag no matter where I go. Using sanitiser every time I eat outside has become so much like a habitual thing for me. While travelling if I happen to touch too many things or seats or in a public place I always use a sanitiser.
    A spray sanitiser comes in handy for all-purpose use, And I carry an extra mask with me as well.

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    Yes, I am still wearing the mask whenever going out and trying the follow the protocols. Yes, trying to follow because at times I had to use public transport and in that case, it is hardly possible to maintain the social distancing norms. But as a society, we are careless because a majority are not wearing masks.

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    Glad to know that those who responded to this thread are continuing to follow safety protocols. With variants of the virus floating around in the air, it becomes even more imperative to wear the mask even when, as Dr. Deepali mentioned, answering the doorbell to delivery personnel. You should also wear it if somebody has to enter your home, such as the personnel who comes to read the gas meter or the one who is delivering the gas cylinder, as the case may be, or somebody who comes to fix a leaking tap or a blown fuse.

    Take care, stay safe.

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    I did not use any masks during the year 2020. I was using only my handkerchief to cover my face. Wearing a mask pains my ears. However, I used to carry a mask to avoid getting into trouble when checked by the authorities. When I was checked once, I explained my problem and showed my mask. They were convinced. Now I wear a mask that is convenient to me. Being old, I too don't want to take risks and get trapped by Corona, as I wish to pull on my life for another decade or more as I have some family responsibilities.
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    People are not particular about N95 type of masks no more and mere surgical masks which are are use and throw available for just 200 rupees per packet of 100 masks has been widely used. How far it is safe is the question mark.
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