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    What is the role of the ministry of Law?

    Whether it is in the centre or state there are a number of ministries that discharge various functions. Each ministry is there to look after the development of a specific segment in the country or state and they function accordingly. The department of Law and Justice is also created for the same purpose but how it is linked to the functioning of the judiciary? Whether the law is implemented correctly according to the constitution is looked after by the High Courts and the Supreme Court and the appointment of the judges are also through a collegium decided by the courts. To advise the country or state in legal matters there are Attorney General and Advocate General. If we look into the justice delivery system throughout our country it will be found that cases are piled up everywhere and there are talks at times in various conferences to speed up the process. We are yet to see any concrete step in that regard. There is always some suggestions about judicial reforms which the ministry is supposed to initiate but we are yet to see any major reforms. When there is a dedicated ministry for such an important aspect like law, then why progress is so tardy? Don't you think it's just a token presence of the ministry?
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    The author has raised a good post and need to respond with the way the Indian courts are working and why in some cases the Ministry of Law keeping mum and not asserting its rights. What I feel that this particular ministry has been set up to look after retirement, transfer and promotion of judges across the country and there is no daily working schedule to keep the law alive. Even in some critical cases when the police and law are taking time to decide, the law ministry can involve and take appropriate action but that seems to be distant dream. Time and again the law ministry should be seeking the public opinion of various burning issues that the country is facing internally and that should be set right immediately as per the law provisions, otherwise people would not have the faith in the law and also the governance.
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    The law ministry will have three departments under it. They are
    1. Legal Affairs department: This department will advise other ministries regarding the position of the law in various actions they take and what are the legal problems that may arise and how they have to change their actions to avoid problems. They have to represent the central government in Supreme Court or High Court in cases that are against the government and give the required clarifications.
    2. Legistaltive department: This is the department that looks after the drafting of various bills that are to be introduced in the parliament and ordinances that are to issue by the president of India. They will also take care of the publication of various acts etc.
    3. Justice department: This Department looks after the administrative functions in relation to the appointment of judges at various courts in India. They will be monitoring the conditions and rules of service of these judges and other related areas.

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