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    A list of idioms and phrases which add colour to the English language of the author

    Tony Sir,

    Thank you for the support and appreciation that were bestowed on me ever since I joined ISC. I also thank Vandana and all the members for doing the same.

    I have posted an imposition article related to a list of exclusive idioms and phrases which would helpembers (especially IELTS students who have enrolled for the test) . However,I am unable to trace it. I have made some typographical errors.i

    I would be grateful if you could publish it as you know typing it and organizing is time consuming and if it is published,I can avoid going through the process once again
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    Mrs. Radha,
    The article submitted by you is your own baby. It is your duty to nurture and care. It is not wise to ask our Webmaster who need to perform various jobs at ISC. Your load cannot be off loaded to someone sitting in a highly responsible position and is already over loaded. He has staff to work under him (Managing Editor, Lead editor and editors). Remember, he is the Webmaster of this great site.

    If you cannot trace your own article, how can others trace it?

    I do not think that your request is appropriate. Please put in your best efforts to trace your own baby.

    Dear Webmaster,
    Sorry if I am wrong with my response.

    No life without Sun

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    Thank you for your advice. In fact,Tony Sir,has posted a message on my profile page if I needed any assistance I could post on the forum and had provided a link to it,upon which I could be able to post my request.

    This is for your information.

    By the by ,I remember you were interacting with me a lot and encouraged me to post more articles. I am glad to find you as an important member of ISC

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    Generally, when you have submitted an article it will appear in New submissions till it is reviewed by an Editor and decided. If the article is accepted it will be in the list of approved articles and you can see it in the index of articles. If the editor wanted some modifications, he will shift the article to the pending section. Then you have to do the required corrections and then submit again. The editor will once again go through and decide the future course of action. They may reject also it. In all these cases you will get an alert as well as an email also. I am not able to understand how it is not traceable. The article should be there in your My articles section. Please check and do the corrections that the editor suggested. The Editorial staff will suggest you the changes but they can't do the correction work of our articles. We have to find time and do the needful.
    always confident

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    A correction to be made on my above post. It was not Tony Sir who had on my forum but it had said if I click on the link and post my queries one of the Editors could be able to help me

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