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    I want to register for AdSense which says the member has not registered yet .

    I want to register for AdSense account which says the member has not registered yet although there is another account which shows my earnings till date.

    Please advise the steps to be followed by me
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    Google recognize only one adsense account and that must be duly approved by the site also. From your submission what could be understood that you already has the approved account and in that case let the contributions be linked to that. If the account was not through India Study Channel, then you have the compulsion to apply through our adsense member page which has the provision to connect to the Google platform. Before that please ensure that you have already completed the formalities of having six basics as sought for the approval of adsense. Please go to your profile and ensure that everything is followed and then apply again and this time through another e mail so that the approval would be immediate and instant. Before that, please submit some latest articles and get them approved for sure.
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    Radha, your post itself is confusing. On the one hand, you say you have received the message that you are not registered and on the other, you are saying that there is an account in your name. Doesn't that make it clear that you have an account with Google AdSense? I think so.

    Please check out these articles 1 and 2 for guidance.

    And do make it a point to be more detailed while asking for clarifications so that others can help you properly without any confusion.

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    Please also refer to the detailed explanation by Vandana ma'am to the same query you posted in this thread.
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