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    SC constituted an expert committee to investigate Pegasus spyware misuse

    Today in its interim order SC constituted an expert technical under the preview of SC judges to investigate the misuse of Pegasus spyware on political parties and on high rank officials. SC rejected the plea of Central government wants to constitute its own committee. It remarked that secrecy what the central government arguing has its own limits when it comes to spying on political parties, politicians and high rank officials. The main purpose of this committee is to look into the misuse of Pegasus spyware on individuals. The expert committee headed by SC retired judge will look into seven important issues raised by petitioners. The government is not happy with this verdict. The right to secrecy of individuals is also equally important to that of government with regard security. Members, what is your comment on this interim order.
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    Fortunately we have the vibrant Supreme court at the helm of looking into legal aspects of constitutional effects over the alleged Peagasus spyware and how it was misused. While the govt need to have an eye on those who are holding important positions in the country not because to interfere or obstruct their daily routines, but question those actions which are against the law and the government has every right to have a tow. For example a Naval officer was arrested for passing out secret information to the enemy country and that is very dangerous. There are black sheeps in the government who are working against the interest of the nation and therefore having a tow on them is necessary. Now that the case would be dealt by expert committee, let us see what would be the come out of the reasoning.
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    The apex court felt that a committee has to be formed to look into the issue and that's why they have directed accordingly. There is no need to feel excited about the order as nothing is going to come out until the expert committee submits its report. The use, misuse, everything will be taken into account by the committee and things will be clear after proper investigation. Till then, let's not try to conclude anything.

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    I think the committee is constituted to conduct an investigation on the Pegasus spyware issue. The Supreme Court nowhere used the word misuse. Whether it is misused or not will come out only after the investigation. The expert committee headed by an ex SC judge will go into the details of the happenings and they will make a report and will submit it to SC. Then the apex court will go through and decide the future course of action. We don't the realities and hence I think it is better to wait for the report and then verdict from the court. The committee is an independent committee and the court will monitor the committee's functioning. Hope that truth will come out definitely.
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    It's a serious matter and we have nothing to discuss about. Central government is not happy with SC for this verdict is understandable thing because it is an investigation or enquiry against the concerned authority who ordered Israeli company to buy this spyware on behalf of the government or it might be proven that external agencies were involved in this spying instead.

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    Interference of Judiciary in the executive matters would always have the friction and rift and this one seems to be going beyond that. Why the government must have deployed this spyware should be known first. When the government is not getting the appreciation and support from the administration and opposition for the good work done, then there need to be vigil on the ways and working style of people and close observations needed. Even in olden days during the Kings ruling, there were confidants of the Kingdom who used to roam about and know the feelings of the people and how they are thinking of the King and his ruling. Same way if this govt goes for some vigil that should not be made big issue. Moreover Israel has said that it was not sold to any private persons to carry out the investigation and that ends the matter.
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    The judiciary interferes only when the Constitutional provisions are violated by the government. The very purpose of the independent nature of the judiciary is for that purpose only. It cannot be construed as interference of the judiciary in executive matters. The decision of the Supreme Court to appoint a committee to investigate the Pegasus Snooping Allegations by the Union government is remarkable. This gives the impression that the judiciary is always there when the rights of the citizens are violated. Snooping on shady characters is allowed as long as it does not violate the stipulations provided in the law.
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    Today in the world is connected through social networks and continues chatting, calling, tweets and using the internet for entertainment. Privacy is the most precious thing anyone wants to be protected. And people getting such power to infringe that preciousness any moment of time is such a sorry state of affairs,
    No one wants their chats to be read publically or their phone to be tapped even for security reasons. Even when there were talks of police reading chats during the Aryan Khan case recently made people so insecure about, how easily our data can be accessed, to think about the government having such power to monitor you is a more fearful scenario.
    Hope court favours privacy over such security concerns, and the government finds other ways than this pegasuses software to prevent security threats.

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