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    Do you express your love for your loved ones and family in words and in public?

    In western countries, though it is very common to show love and use words like honey, sweetheart and love for children as well as for companions and life partner, but this is not the case in India where parents rarely show their love for each other in front of children or even for children. It is rare occasions like "vidai" of a girl during the marriage, wedding anniversaries or when a child tops the class that such feelings are shown. In our culture where respect takes priority above everything but shouldn't we be a little expressive as well with people around us.
    Why do people in India restrict themselves from showing feelings it will not any way hamper boundaries of respect of elder-younger or a little PDA(public display of affection) for your family and loved ones will not harm anyone, Then why this has become part of our culture to show feeling on rare occasions only?
    When was the last time you expressed any affectionate feeling towards a family member publically be it wife, husband, children or your parents?
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    I always respect good work, hard work and achievement and be it our family members, my better off or anybody else. For me it comes from the heart naturally to tell others as to what went in to get the coveted achievement because the success comes after so much planning and sustained concentration and our word of appreciation would go a long way to pep them up. Instead of me appreciating my children and wife, others would always do that favor first and in that case it would be important for me to appreciate them. Moreover I personally know how the success is achieved among the performers and that must be superlative experience to acknowledge the same. During school and college topping, our children were always humble and even helped the fellow students who came to house and sought for some doubts clarifications.
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    The author has started a thread on a very interesting topic that is worth discussing. Not only India but there are also some other countries where hiding love or belongingness in front of everyone is considered a limitation. Many times I have also found that parents do not even pamper their children in front of everyone, in such a situation, how can parents show love towards each other but there should be a change in this. Expressing love is a different matter and giving respect to others is another. There are many ways to express love and we can still express our feelings while being modest. It is also true that even hidden love looks beautiful in itself but in some cases, there is no harm in showing love and care in front of everyone, it gives a positive message, a balance is always required over there.

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    These days we are seeing that western trend in our country also. We are finding people hugging their family members and expressing their liking and appreciation for them openly in presence of many people.
    Earlier days there was a feeling that parents should not appreciate their children in presence of other people and that was not good. We all know the story of the famous poet Bharavi. Bharavi was a very famous poet and he was doing a very good job from his early days. In their village, every elderly person was appreciating him. But his father never said any good word. Bharavi was upset. His mother told the feelings of his son to her husband. Then he told that if the parents appreciate their children in presence of others it will have a negative impact on the children. Bharavi heard this and understood the mind of his father and started loving him and never doubted the intentions of his parents.

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    I got your point #745488 that it is a kind of cultural thing passed down through stories and moral teachings that here in India parents don't want to appreciate their children in public so that their children don't get an overconfident or wrong sense of superiority. But it is not completely a good practice as many times children need consoling from parents. And its ok for parents as well to be a little friendly with children and express their love and appreciation in words.
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