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    Do every teacher imparts education to full potential ?

    In a class of 40 students strength a teacher would have preference of some good, average and dull students and accordingly her imparting of education to each one of them would be to their asking level. Not only in the class, there can be special session after the school hour and now a days the teachers are also having contacts with parents of bright students and thus they are ready to reach for any help. What I insists here that the teacher should concentrate on dull students and help them out to be real gems in future. Any comment ?
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    Earlier, teaching was considered a noble profession and now in most cases, it's a business. Teachers remain busy providing tuition to as many students as possible so that they can earn a good amount within a short period. Moreover, the concentration is more on scoring high marks rather than imparting quality education that will help a student to lead a decent life. For a teacher, all students should be equal. We call a student dull or intelligent based on a common evaluation method which should not be. The capability of each student is different and hence they perform differently while doing the same thing. When the job of a teacher is to help the students understand things in a better way then the concentration should be on those who need more help to understand things. In another way, those who find it difficult to understand a lesson should be given more time.

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    I agree with the author. It is the responsibility of a teacher, to be honest towards each of his students, to recognize their potential, and to enhance them further. It is true that some teachers focus more on only promising students or more active students because it is easier to convince them but when a student section is already weak or lethargic than they also need more hard work. The duty of a teacher is to give equal knowledge to every student and help him develop a good personality.

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    True. The efficiency of a teacher will be known only when he/she converts an average student to a bright student. Teachers should have attention to every student individually. Then only they can understand the weaknesses of the individual student and he/she can take the necessary steps to bring up the student.
    But these days this monitoring is not there in government institutions. The reason may be a student and teacher ratio is not very healthy. A single teacher has to monitor 60 or 70 pupils is very difficult. In corporate colleges, there will be one observer for every 15 to 20 students and see their performance and try to take corrective action. This is very important.
    At the same time the teaching profession is not like other professions and the teachers should take more responsibility and there should be a feeling that all the students are like their children.

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