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    Underlining or noting down - which is better?

    Earlier, through many threads, we have come to know that most of us members are fond of reading books and this is also an important part of our work. When we read a book, we get attracted to certain lines in the whole book and we always want to remember them. For this, if we have a pen in our hand at that time, then naturally we underline that line, by doing so while reading it again, our attention goes more to the underlines. Apart from this, there is also a way that we keep a notebook or diary together and write in it. Which method do you like better?
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    It all depends on the choice of the individual. If it is for any exam then you may underline the important portion which will help you to make a good note. If you borrow the book then do not underline it as it will not look good. One thing you can do is to write the important lines in your own words in a notebook which may help you to some extent if you are reviewing the book. It can also help to grasp things in a better way though it depends on the individual.

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    I don't know about others but I prefer to use pencils, highlighters and in some cases small sticky notes on the pages.
    I don't like to use pens on my favourite books and novels, actually, I am kind of a hoarder when it comes to novels even though I have read so many of them and so many are lying on my bedside waiting to be read but I still keep on buying new ones collecting them. And I underline good thoughts, quotes or something that particularly interest me but always with a pencil.
    And when it comes to academic notes for my exam I always use highlighters and sticky notes I just don't like to use pens on my book.

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    There are difference between underlining and noting down the important observations while going through the book which creates attention in ourselves. By underlining a certain sentence, we are probably ignoring other matters that also went into the connect of the content and by noting , we can actually improve upon the same sentence with our personal observation and thus there are every chance that we may create a wonderful write up with just a available sentence of importance. I would advice the students not to underline anything on the text books, instead jot it down the particular line and add up your own observation and then read the same to be remembered because you have only created the content and that would be more impressive for the others to read and understand with added feed from your side.
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    The purpose of underlining or noting down will decide what we have to do. If you are a student and if you want to remember the sentence forever, it is better to write the sentence in a separate book is important. One time writing is equal to ten times reading the sentence. That is why in our school days teachers used to ask the students to see and write the answers 2 or 3 times so that they will remember the answers. This is applicable to students.
    But we all will be reading different books. Some are general knowledge books, some are subjects related to our work or profession and some maybe for just reading. In all these cases, if we like or think that certain points are good worth remembering them it is better to underline them or highlight them using a marker pen or stick a paper as an indication on the side of the page so that when we reread or when a new person reads it their attention will go there and stay more time there to understand the importance better.

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