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    How small idols can be discarded properly?

    All over the country, there are various celebrations where the idols of Goddesses and Gods are worshipped and after the celebrations, the idols are immersed in water. There are many restrictions in place because of the pollution it creates and with awareness, the mindset will gradually change. Earlier, it was almost mandatory to immerse the idols in the holy river Ganges after the celebration in West Bengal but now there are other places too where idols are immersed. The proper measures must be taken to reduce water pollution and I am sure the authorities are looking at it after considering various options. One disturbing thing I found in various corners of the streets is the disposal of small idols. It may not be that much rampant in the city but in the outskirts and villages, it is found in many places. The idols of Maa Lakshmi or Maa Saraswati are much smaller in size and many people worship the idols inside their homes. Now, after the completion of the rituals, they keep the idols at some abandoned places, sometimes under the trees, near a pond and many other places. This is not the proper way of disposing of the idols and it doesn't look nice. Can a small reservoir be arranged inside the homes to immerse the idols and then give away the structures and mud to the idol makers?
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    I guess the best thing is to not use the idols made of plastic of pairs or any material that is not biodegradable, these days because of the pollution awareness there are idols available in the market which are made simply of clay and when dissolved in water they vanish completely leaving nothing. I guess that is the best alternative.
    Recently I came across a video and saw a few people immersing the big statue of Goddess d Durga in a pond filled with garbage and dark green in colour celebrating, and I felt so bad to watch it. Although they were so spiritually charged and celebrating and no one was thinking about how bad the water was looking and how can they immersed the goddess into it if they are devotees. And that video made me realise the best alternative is the use of easily disposable statues which are good for worship and later discarding also without hurting any sentiment as well as not polluting the environment.

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    It is expressly understood that given the present increased pollution level across the country we are restricted to misuse the water sources and therefore we have the compulsions to discard the small idols specially made through mud can be immersed at the home after the proper send off rituals done. By discarding the idols and leaving them under the tree or abandoned somewhere will not only incur curse but also have cascading effect on performing such Puja or rituals in the future. When we initiate any festivities with Idol worship with so much grand welcome, the send off should also be in befitting manner. If the idols cannot be immersed at the home for any sentiments, then use only photos or images for the worship in future and that can be always kept in the house. But it all depends on the Aastha of particular person.
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    Whether you like it or not, I would say that the ideal celebration would be to make the idols with eatable items. The idol can be easily disposed off by breaking and distributing it as eats (Prasadam) to family members and other visitors. Else leave it to the insects as a good feed after the celebration. To protect the idols from ants(until the end of celebration)the idols should be surrounded by water.
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    It is always better to soak these small idols after the rituals in a bucket of water. We can keep that idol for one or two days. The idols will get dissolved the water and we can use that water for watering the plants. This is the best method provided if we use idols made of mud. If we are using idols made of plaster of pairs and similar materials and if the idols are painted with synthetic paints we should not put that water into plants. We have to throw that water into the wastewater stream. But many people feel sentimental to do that. So go for only idols made of clay only. That is the first step to one should ensure in these rituals. Then they can do the water immersion in their house itself. In the village, we have open wells where people will put these small idols in the wells themselves and they all use clay made idols only. Using plaster of pairs and synthetic pains is not suggested as they are not eco-friendly.
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    The author has initiated a good thread for discussion as this is one of the most common but concerned topics. We can certainly immerse these idols by making a reservoir inside the house, rather we have been doing this already in our family. Generally, when it is time for the Ganesh festival, then in our family also, the idol of Ganapati is established, which is worshiped for 10 days by law, and then they are immersed. For this, we take a big tub in which water is filled and keep it on our garden or terrace, then immerse the idol of Ganesha in this water, which gets completely dissolved in about a day, and then the idol is dissolved into the water. We put the soil in the pot. But for this, it is mandatory that the idol should be of clay. This situation can be found in many places where people keep those idols on the outside and they contribute to environmental damage and a religious point of view is also important here.

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    The main thing in this matter is to keep the environment clean and unpolluted by anything which we dispose in it. Whether it is the used flowers or the idols remaining after worshipping or other such materials which come out of a household on a regular basis, everything is to be disposed in an environment friendly way.
    There are companies which are using the used flowers in temples and converting them into paper bags and are making a good profit out of it. Government has to encourage such schemes and methods for handling the used items. At the same time there has to be good awareness in the public about these things and then only we can achieve the 100% environment-friendly disposal targets.
    Using special clays in the idols can be one solution as far as disposing of idols is considered during the festival times.

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