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    Have you ever read any such novel or book?

    Someone suggested a book and it is very famous too, so naturally, you have too high expectations from the book and you started reading it, It felt really interesting and amusing in the beginning but till you reached the ending it became monotonous and ambiguous and you lost interest and somehow just dragged through the last pages to know the ending without reading some of the last few pages and getting their essence, has it ever happened to you?
    I recently happen to read one such book that goes by the name " Murakami Kafka on the Shore" which really grabbed my attention in the beginning but till the end, I lost my interest and also felt I did not get the deeper meaning or philosophy and it's understanding at certain points.
    So if any of you if have read this book do share the experience of this particular book and if have not read this particular book then do share your experience of the book that you started with too much enthusiasm but at the end felt like it was not worth the time?
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    For that matter I decide to read the books if it suggests good heading and has the good content in support of the same. Many a time the authors were drifting to other parts of the same subject and failed to create a interest in reading. Some others go in for too much personal narration of the characters to which we may not get interested. In some novels there is dig at the popular religion and practices and that seems to be intentional. A good writer should carry on the reader with him with his sustained observations through out the book and by holding so many events at bay and creating more enthuse to be known in the last would certainly keep us guessing. But we do not have time to keep the book reading for many reasons, and the authors should know this drawback. Nevertheless for the book worms they can sustain patience.
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    There are millions of books, available for reading, covering so many subjects, topics, and narratives. The interesting thing is that every person has his own liking for a particular type of book. Some love reading stories while some like novels. Some like suspense while others go for romance. Some read only religious books while many of us read the thrillers. So, a person would read and like a book when it is matching with his interest area.
    I remember when I was in my high school I was addicted to the suspense and detective novels in Hindi language which were flooding the market every month and I was eagerly waiting for them and getting them on hire to read a book in about 1-2 hours and return it. I soon lost interest in them as I started to read the children's classic books like Treasure Island or Gulliver's Travel or Panchtantra or many similar to them. By the time I reached my graduation I lost interest in them also and started to read novels of various kinds and continued it for quite some time. That phase also ended as I had no time for reading the lengthy novels. So I switched to stories and I found them very fascinating and still continuing that. But for last 7-8 years I started writing of various kinds in many internet sites and my reading hobby is almost came to the ground level except when I have to find some reference for something which is available in a book.
    Anyway, the point is that you relish a book only when you have interest in that particular topic.

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    There are many books which will be very interesting when we begin and slowly the book loses its speciality and we feel it is not very interesting. Not only books there are many such movies also. In the beginning, the director of the movie raises our hopes but slowly the movie will lose its tempo and at the end, we will get completely disappointed. I have read many such books in Telugu but I don't remember the titles and authors of such books.
    When any new book comes to my hand. my habit is to read the preface first and if any reviews are available I read them and then only I will decide to read the whole book. These days we all have the access to the internet and we will get many reviews on the book we want to read. If we are interested to know about the book before we go for a complete reading the reader can go through them and then know about the book to take an apt decision about the full reading of the book.

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    When I start reading a book, I complete it till the end, I have never left the book in the middle because by doing this I would always think about its end. Apart from this, when I start a book, I do not like to see it in the middle or straight end because this too I do not find a systematic way. It is definitely my endeavor that I understand a summary of the book through its introductory content or index and then if I find it interesting, then I prefer to buy or read that book. I have found many people that try to run straight to the end of the book and read the book by skipping a lot of lines or paragraphs, even chapters at times, this method does not seem appropriate to me but it is also a personal issue that also depends on the time availability of a person. The last book that I have read was suggested by my brother, is " Atomic Habit" before start reading this book first I went through the index of the book then I start, and now I can recommend others too as it is such a nice book.

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    While you start reading novels written by eminent authors, the contents sketched by the author are so interesting that you cannot leave the same midway. Every time you would thinking of the next moment which is to follow. May be it is your lunch or dinner time but your mind is settled in the novel.
    I am talking about the novels of Premchand who unfortunately said good bye to this world at hardly of 35 years of his age. While going his novels like Godan, Nirmala, Premashram etc, it would appear as if we were in the in the same world with which the author is depicting. The characters are alive still in this world which we might guess. The entire sets written by the same author has produced a dramatic effect on my mind.

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