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    While China prepares new border plans, India test fires 5000 km Agni

    Never in the past the country was so vigilant in terms of external enemies around the nation and this government preparedness to any eventuality need to be appreciated and that created confidence in people that we are secured. While China has been preparing new border plans, India sent a strong signal through test firing Agni missile which can successfully target any installations in China as far as more than 5000 km. The border talks through Military has been going on without concrete agreement and this face off should put China on check.
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    Why should we make bombs, rockets and missiles? What is the need for a 5000 km range missile when our enemies are sitting on our borders? In the modern era, hard fighting with men and material won't help us to win the war. Why should we waste thousands of crores to make missiles? What is required is a small invention of a virus-like corona. China has already tested and conquered the world. The war is still going on, and no one could turn against China. China emerged victorious.
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    "What is required is a small invention of a virus-like corona." What kind of a horrifying, disgusting mentality this is! There is a fine line of wit/sarcasm and what one wishes to convey as a critical comment - it is high time you stop crossing it.
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    There are many jobs to be done for the upliftment of the downtrodden almost in all the Asian countries. Instead of concentrating on such issues, why should we encourage a country for the preparation of bombs or other destructive weapons to kill the innocent people? It is beyond my comprehension for such indulgence. While going for such a move, we need to have massive investments for going ahead for such aggressive planning. Priority needs to be changed considering the other priorities for the development of the people.We can certainly win the situation by destroying the installations of other countries but in what way can we be secured?

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    What I said is the fact. Haven't you heard about chemical warfare? Haven't you heard about Nuclear warfare? Atom bomb drop over Japan that destroyed two major cities Nakasahi and Hiroshima where both life and materials have been made to dust? The world now fears Nuclear war. It is the reality that we have experienced during the world war. China has done it secretly without disclosing it. What was the need for China to carry out such an invention? Do you agree that China has conquered the entire world and made them suffer mentally and financially?

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    So what Sun? India should also go down the same path? Senseless, destructive mayhem that only boomerangs.

    Coming to the topic, it is doubtful whether test-firing of a missile will keep China in check. In fact, it will encourage them to create and set up their own across the border. Likely they already have them out there, pointing to our regions. I agree with Sheo Shankar Jha, though. Spending crores on missiles is not the answer. It is always the innocent who are the victims of such missile attacks. Instead, strengthen the border security by recruiting more personnel, including for the intel task force.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Though China may not make a second attempt with such a virus, It has tested and proved to the world that they are strong enough to fight without any bloodshed in the battlefield. The whole world would fear each other now, and try to have such a virus weapon in their hand. The war policy would be - "If you use that, I will also use that." The first user will be the winner. That's what happening with the countries with nuclear power capablity.
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    The latest buzz is that China also test-fired a nuclear-backed hyper-sonic weapon. US is very much worried.
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    @ Sheo Shankar Jha / 745483
    Let us act in your way for 10 years.

    Now please inform us on what will be our position in the world after 10 years?

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    China has got a deliberate intention of expansion. That is actually one of their policies. They always try to expand in the direction of Mongolia or Japan islands or India han create unnecessary pressure on these boundaries. When our neighbouring countries are like that we must prepare ourselves for any eventuality and time to time we have to showcase our military strength through filing of missiles or military training at the border or thing like that. From that angle, firing of these missiles is very much justifiable.
    During the last few years India is emerging as a power in the south east Asia and the foreign countries are taking a note of it. There has been a substantial rise in the reputation of India in the world community and that itself is a show of power for our enemy countries.
    Strengthening our military and equipping it with the state of art arms technology is the requirement of the modern times especially when we are surrounded by unreliable neighbours.

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    Preparing ourselves for the eventuality is not the bad idea but the way China is trying to expand its territories through the forceful means might come to an end if we could exert our strength of non violence with the group of countries believing in such a strategy and probably such a relationship might emerge shortly to take care of such countries believing expansion in an undue manner. I believe that in the upcoming time, there might be some protocols where the countries would believe in the peaceful coexistence.

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    Missiles can cross over the borders in any case. By tightening the security at the border we can't sit pretty as our enemy country is also having a well-known missile system which they can use to destroy our country by simply sitting in their places. So for the security of the nation, we require both actions. We should be more vigilant at the borders and see that no one will enter into the country without a proper visa and passport and they can stop the forces of the enemy country within that country borders.
    At the same time. we should become self-sufficient in our missile technology and show the other countries that we are also having the needed technology and we can also drop bombs if you want to drop a bomb on us. These tests firings are to make our enemy know our strengths and they will also have a fear to take the decision of using a missile thinking that as a reply we can also use a missile.

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    @ Sheo Shankar Jha / #745511,

    Could you please name a few countries following peaceful means of non-violence to fight against China?

    Also, what would be the deadline, and what if are attacked in between?

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    As a mature, civilized, democratic nation, India strives for world peace along with peace and prosperity to its citizen.

    Hence for ensuring its own territorial sovereignty, and internal peace, our nation has to maintain sufficient deterrent force capability. As we cannot expect world to be ideal as expected, there will be rogue nations and rogue leaders with hegemonic tendencies. They will hesitate to take mis-adventurist steps only if they are convinced of our defence and offence capabilities. This is like installing firewalls and Anti-malware software in our computers. Vigilance is needed at the borders.
    It is for that deterrence capability that our country is going on wit the right and relevant steps of missile technology, air power and other allied logistics and weapon power.

    While the government is doing what is to be don, as patriotic citizens it is our duty to keep the morale of the armed forces and the will power of the government by standing united as one nation and one people. For this we should not believe rumours, we should not spread rumours and keep faith in ourselves, our political system and government. We should also be vigilant and alert against any anti-national interests inside our country too.

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    How much arsenal is required to feel secure? Not possible to answer in these days of nuclear weapons. When it comes to war, there will not be any victor as nuclear weapons are likely to be used. Then what is the use of developing new weapons? Is it only to destroy ourselves? Is it only to hasten our own destruction?

    Unfortunately, we are having hostile neighbors and some sort of protection is required to safeguard our borders. It is high time for all nations to realize the importance of peaceful coexistence.

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    In the future, there may not be any requirement to use bombs, rockets and missiles to fight. All that we spend for such purposes would be useful only to showcase during the Republic day parade to tell the world that we have this and that. After a few years, it would become junk and go to the scrap yard or be kept in museums to show to the future generations.

    Of course, we need to enhance our security in our borders with the equipment that is required to chase the enemy. Long-range missiles are of no use as our enemies are resting on our borders.

    Are we expecting a third world war to get prepared with long-range missiles?

    Government should think well before spending the taxpayers' money.

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    Having powerful weapons and arsenal are for self defense purpose and not intended to target any country.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is not the first time that India has tested a missile or a weapon. India has always been facing the world by becoming an example of a strong security system. Neighbors of the country or other countries, which probably keep on making strategies about damaging it due to more competition, but according to the security policy of India, the country never considers for the initiative of attack, but it also does not mean that other's attack. Don't even prepare yourself for it. Periodic testing of various weapons is an indicator for other countries that our security is enough strong for any situation.

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    And the conflict continues. Isn't it? India will keep on testing missiles that can target China or Pakistan and they will also not stop disturbing India but some people will feel a sense of security. The whole thing is a business. If there is no business the economies will not flourish and in the name of security attention to burning issues can always be diverted. The supporters of the government will cheer and feel proud and the opposition and its supporters will cry foul. That's what is going on throughout the world. China needs business and wants to expand its market through various tactics. The USA is also of the same nature and tries to create tensions among nations so that they can keep their market of weapons rolling. War is a business throughout the world and it will not stop though everyone will talk and preach peace. The only way to stop China is to reduce all its business in various other countries. India along with its friendly neighbours should think of an alternative manufacturing hub for every kind of item to reduce the influence of China.

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    Yesterday India deployed recently acquired US weapons warheads alongside LAC that rattled China.
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    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is good to know that now our missiles can destroy enemy up to 5000 km range. Both India and China are strong countries.
    We need to understand that we have to focus on local items instead of buying Chinese made items. Our country depends much on Chinese imported items. I read an article in The Hundu in which it was stated that India's trade with China is set to cross the $100 billion mark for the first time in 2021, with two-way trade after three quarters reaching $90 billion, almost 30% up pre-pandemic trading levels. Mainly, we depend on Chinese imports on medical equipment, mobile equipment etc.

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