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    If you change your thinking a little, you will not feel jealous, but you will feel happy.

    In this age of competition, we are all running after our own goals and aspirations and we try our best to get everything that we want to achieve. To some extent, it is dependent on our efforts but still, there is some influence from the outside world and sometimes we are not able to get something that we wanted.

    We did not get what we wanted, but if someone else is getting it, then we should not bring jealousy for the person in front of us. When you help a person achieve the same goal that once was yours, then you will feel your victory even in the victory of the other because this time your efforts have been accomplished with someone else. The feeling of jealousy can only hurt you but when your help someone you also win with others' victory.
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    In the same relations there are children almost of same age but the studies and progress are far difference. For example my son matches with the eldest daughter of my brother. My son and his daughter are hardly 10 days difference. Whereas my son pursued the Chemical Engineering and started earning good salary, his daughter done with computers and working in call center with meager salary at Chennai. My brother always scolds her for not being in competition with my son and she is lagging behind. Likewise the second child of mine a daughter and she is doing MBBS where as his son is doing the degree course. What I mean to say that children interest, the way they are brought up, society, school and friends matter the most in deciding their career and achievement and therefore getting jealous does not has any meaning.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Jealousy feeling is ok as long as you take this as a motivating factor to go beyond the other person and try your best to overtake him. But by feeling jealous we want to harm the other person, we will never be successful. If we are not able to perform but somebody else is performing we should try hard to learn from the other person and learn the ways and means we have to adopt for achieving success. Don't feel unhappy about the success of the other person. Use this experience as a lesson for you and try to adopt the same knowledge in your approach so that we will also have the technic of learning.
    If we help others and supplement them in our strong areas and if you get help from the other person in his areas of strength both will be in a win-win situation and you will make a good team. If we see industry, a team will make components, another team will make the sub-assemblies and a team will do the final assembly. That will make all the teams successful.

    always confident

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