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    The impact of the life of an elder sibling on a younger one.

    When there is more than one child in the family, we tend to explain more to the older child that he is older and should act more intelligently from him as his younger siblings will learn from him. And that's why a big child grows up very young and maybe even matures. Be it career or any other matter, elder siblings always become an example for their younger siblings.

    In such a situation, when some bad incident happens to the elder sister or brother, it also affects the younger one a lot. This bad event can be anything like a bad college experience, failure in a particular job or exam, or problems related to marriage. In such a situation, it is important to pay attention that there should be only positive effects on the young children of the family and not negative.

    Bad experiences of elders should either be kept away from them or explained in such a way that they learn from them and not be afraid.
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    The author has brought in an important observation in a family where there are more than one child and if the gap between the first and second child is more, the responsibility would also increase for the first one. One of my relative child is 10 year old and has the sister of two years age. The elder one is very intelligent, playful, good at studies and good at sports and games. She goes for the Zumba classes and also learns Karate. She only helps the small sister in bathing, dressing and also keeping her cheerful. One day she started practicing the Zumba and Karate in the house and thus the younger one started to behave in same manner. I immediately warned her not to show any learning experience at the home as the young one is ready to ape immediately. Surely elder sibling is responsible for the good and bad behavior of the young one.
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    Definitely, in a family, if something happens to an elder sibling, the younger siblings will also get affected. Younger brothers and sisters will always follow their elder brothers and sisters. If the age difference is not very high, they will be more like friends and if the age difference is more the younger one will respect the elder one and he may take the elder one as his role model. In such situations, the elders should behave with more responsibility and see that their siblings will learn only positive issues only from them.
    If anything happens to the elder one. the impact will be definitely very high on the junior sibling. As a matter of fact more than siblings the parents will have an higher influence on the children. The parents should be very careful in bringing up their children and should see that the nature of one of their children should not impact the other child in a bad manner. Otherwise, the impact will be very high and chances of all the children will be sailing in the same boat only.

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    Yes, younger sibling learns a lot from the Elders sibling, not from the good things but also the bad experiences of the elder sibling. This learning process starts very earlier even when they are toddlers, A younger sibling never does something for which he/she has seen the elder one getting punishment.
    Since in the case of an Elder child, even parents are new in the field of parenting and experiment a lot and learn from their mistakes, but in the case of the younger child, they are more liberal. Psychologically too it is said that younger child often performs better at academics and a better learner as well.
    As she/he has more opportunities to learn.
    Even the negative experiences of elder sibling impact the younger one in a positive manner because he/she already knows what he/she should not do in life.

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