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    After all, who should be held responsible for this?

    Recently there has been an incident in my city in which many student's lives were saved after a major accident. There is a library position at some distance from my house where many children study, mainly those who are preparing for competitive exams. There was a transformer right next to the library building which was having problems for a few days. The students had also informed the library owner about this and according to the owner, he had complained to the electricity department. Even for several days no action or remedial work was done.

    Two days ago, suddenly a fire broke out in the transformer with a very loud sound and this fire was so strong that the fire spread to the ground floor of the library building and the smoke reached the students sitting on the top floor. At this time there was no other staff in the library only students, they all ran to the roof of the building and started shouting for help. The fire was high which was easily noticed by the people and soon the fire brigade was called.

    The accident was big but was averted. Later, when the media went into the details of this fact, everyone proved themselves right and started blaming each other, even the students were blamed for going to such a library. If something went wrong in this accident, who would have been to blame, the owner of the library, the electricity department, or the innocent student.
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    It is a well-known fact that many government organisations or departments do not work sincerely. It is a historically proven thing and most of us know about it very well. I do not say that every government servant is lazy and neglecting ones duties but in general many of them are not serious towards their works and responsibilities. Over and above that there is a lot of paperwork and red tapism in the government departments and even if someone wants to do something it takes significant time. The procedures and process are long and complicated. People have a lot of fear of audit and vigilance actions on their activities. Due to corruption the projects and schemes are delayed considerably. In such a situation the delay in the repair or replacement of a faulty transformer is well understood.
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    Though the government organisations are assigned targets and the same is to be completed within the specific time frame. The head of the department is responsible for the execution of the job within the specified period. The head is aware of shortcomings of their staffs but he has to ignore all such shortcomings for achieving the target levels. He can go to any length to please the indisciplined staff. The staffs are even told they need not apply for leaves for their absenteeism if they remain fully involved to achieve the task within the period as set by the company. In that way absenteeism multiples but the job has to continued at the same rate of involvement. That is how the most public sector undertakings are functioning. It is the headache of the head of the department but workers remain in merry mood. At present there is no hope of respite for the management to control such staffs.

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    Once a person is recruited into a government job, they think that they are the boss to rule over the public, from the lower-level labour to higher-level officers. Except a very few, most of the staff wants to make extra money, though they are paid well. EB is a public service board. In this modern era, it is very difficult to survive without electricity. Hence the staff working in EB make use of every opportunity to make some money. Even if a wire comes out of the polls due to wind force, they expect something in return to get it connected. Thus, the department won't care about things that won't get any yield.

    Despite the repeated complaints about the faulty transformer, the EB failed to attempt repairs. Therefore, the EB is fully responsible for the mishap.

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