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    Do you refer some trauma books to get out of particular challenge ?

    When bad times comes to us, it is untimely, unwanted, and uncalled for to which we are not prepared and at that time our mind will not work positively to seek even timely help from others. Most of us want to live with self help during the trauma time and that has proved to be self confident ever for any eventuality. Only after we have recovered from the setback people would appreciate for our way of dealing the crisis. But there are some trauma books which can help us to recover from the particular challenge. Have you ever came across such help ?
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    I am having the habit of reading some fiction books when I am not able to get a solution to the problem I am facing and I am facing hurdles. Once I read for some time a fiction book my mind will get diverted from the problem I am facing and I will get immersed in the storyline of the book. After some time, my mind will start giving some indications showing a way to the problem I am facing. This I experienced many times and it helped a lot. This is generally known as the diversion technic and I understand many people follow this process for solving their problem or to get out of the sorrowful mood.
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    Though there are many self-help books that actually play important and motivational factors while we are in a tough time, if I tell you about my experience I do not read any specific books when I am upset which I also mentioned in a thread response. For me, nature works as a self-help factor and I spend more time with nature when I feel bad. Still, if I will suggest some books to others for dealing with a tough situation, I will give names, Secret, Jeet Aapaki, Alchemist, and one of the most remarkable books I have read recently is Atomic Habit. Apart from that, there are many more books that are available on the internet and many videos on youtube

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    There are many self help books available in the market on a variety of subjects and topics meeting the specific need of an individual. Some of them are really a gem of the work and in many cases It is seen that they can motivate, inspire, and encourage a particular person in the area where one has gone through some severe setbacks.
    In addition to reading those books what is more important is the will power and stamina of the person to remain in the ongoing struggle and show one's worth to come out of the difficult times. The books will only mention points and methods to achieve our targets in our lives but it is up to us whether we can really convert them in our activities to take advantage of them and to realise the benefits derived out of using such positive and constructive directions.

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