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    The Vigilance Awareness Week’2021 and corruption in India context

    A Vigilance Awareness Week is observing from 26th October 2021 to 1st November 2021 in India. The theme is "Independent India @ 75; Self Reliance with Integrity" along with various activities during the week to spread awareness and promote Vigilance across the Corporation amongst employees. In the organisation different programs like essay writing competitions, drawing competitions, debates, conferences, seminars, etc are conducted based on the theme topic so that the awareness of the employees can be promoted. Now, do you think that it is necessary to organize such an event or there will be any fruitful positive impact on the employees? Comment, please.
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    There is a saying in Telugu that means that the fencing which is supposed to protect the crop itself has eaten away the crop. In the same way in our, the persons who are supposed to safeguard the interest of the people will go for corruption. So all these vigilance awareness weeks and awareness programmes are only eyewash and the people in position will never change. The actions that are being taken on the corrupted officers should be exemplary and the officers should have a fear of doing such acts then only corruption will come down. Giving lectures on awareness and writing essays on values and morals may give a good impact on the next generation of people. But already people who are accustomed to all such practices will never change with such things. Only catching them redhanded and removing them from the services without any compensation. retirement benefits and pension only may have some impact on them.
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    Vigilance Awareness Week '2021 may seem like a good step from the point of view of the program but I do not think it will have any special effect on the employees or the organization etc. Such programs are brought from time to time and a large number of people also participate in them but most of them only see themselves as a participant and the program as a contest and during the program enthusiasm, awareness, etc. is visible after that. The situation again as before. As far as corruption is concerned, many awareness programs have already been organized in this matter, even when a candidate starts preparing for a government job, he has to clear a subject to clear that exam. It is necessary, which is only in relation to public administration and corruption. Even after this, the final decision is personal as to how he has to perform his duties.

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    It is said that Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh in the North , Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu in the South , and also Jharkhand and Punjab have the highest corruption in India. And the departments that need to be raided are the Registration office, Police force, Municipal plan sanction department, water and sewerage board, income tax department and electricity boards. And this Vigilance Awareness week has been observed every year and probably during this week the authorities are alerted to be safe from raids and keep clean their records. For public there is no use of such awareness week as we have to face the brunt of corruption even for obtaining a death certificate for cremation and that is the height of corruption in many states. In Telangana the ruling party workers have taken over every department and they have to facilitate the working and results for sure.
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    It is true that there is corruption in public places in our country. Many vigilance cases are going against the corrupt employees charging them for their corrupt practices so that other employees have fear in their minds in doing any wrong thing. In addition to that vigilance awareness week is also observed to create atmosphere of honest feelings.
    One thing which is very important in this matter is that honesty is required to be there in the whole system and in the governance of the system and if it is not there then even observing vigilance week will not help.

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